IT & IT Enabled Services

Agile. Competitive. Consistent.

We help you streamline cognitive business processes and drive holistic growth by redefining digital strategies

IT & IT Enabled Services

IT & IT Enabled Services

The IT industry drives digital and business transformation for the other sectors. Its service requirements are as exclusive as its challenges.

Our dynamic and highly motivated agile experts help craft customized digital strategies for this sector. We also keep pace with trending technological advancements by consistently upgrading these strategies.

What We Offer

This sector's highly competitive, connected, and ever-changing landscape needs quick-to-implement high-quality services.

At Sundew, we go a step further and ensure services that also generate high digital ROI swiftly. Our cloud, digital, and domain expertise empowers us to tackle the unique requirements of this sector.

Digital Strategy & Marketing

Staying relevant is very important for enterprises in this ever-changing world.

We help global organizations to create compelling digital strategies that generate growth and give a competitive advantage.

Application Engineering & Services

We help enterprises drive business growth by reimagining the application landscape with technology, speed, agility, and continuous improvement.

From legacy migration to agile transformation, we deliver end-to-end services.

Data Analytics & Engineering

Uplift performance, gain resilience, and accelerate growth with our competencies across Power BI, Tableau, Informatica and Talend.

Data Security & Compliance

We specialise in understanding end-to-end data protection requirements for enterprises and their data.

We protect sensitive data from the intrusion of any third party, unwanted disclosure, or data leakage.

Success Stories

Collaborate with us to interweave people, processes and technology into a unique, efficient framework.

15 years of Sundew
They know what they're talking about, and they don't make hollow promises. Sun Dew Solutions' work improves overall quality and efficiency, with quantifiable insight. They excel in project management and are very knowledgeable.
Ani Poddar Managing Director, Marble Box LLC.