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Cloud Migration Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Achieve modernization with scalable, secured, and cost-effective cloud migration solutions resulting in accelerated business growth.

Cloud migration can help enterprises achieve workload scalability, operational and performance agility, and improve security. Sundew helps enterprises migrate legacy applications to the cloud or build new ones. Selecting precise tools enables us to accelerate and simplify the process without disrupting daily workflows.

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Accelerate your business transformation through cloud-native technologies

Sundew helps enterprises accelerate business growth by improving their cloud competitiveness. With our custom strategies, we help enterprises successfully navigate cloud-migration complexities. We also ensure their cloud-native IT environments' security, resilience, and agility.

Our Capabilities
ETL Migration

Update legacy ETL pipelines to make them cloud-compliant.

Utilize our expertise to seamlessly convert your existing ETL processes on cloud platforms and use leading and emerging technologies without data loss and in a secure way.

Database Migration

Our homegrown database migration strategies help move data from an on-premise system to the cloud, one DBMS to another, or consolidate multiple databases into a single database.

With our careful planning, you can also mitigate the risk of data loss.

Data Warehouse Migration

If you are considering migrating data warehouses to Google BigQuery, Azure Synapse, and Amazon Redshift, connect with Sundew.

We help you to plan, implement, manage, and grow your end-to-end cloud or hybrid migration projects.

Solution Enablers
Microsoft Azure

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