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Top 5 E-commerce Web Designing Trends in 2020 Top 5 E-commerce Web Designing Trends in 2020
Author Sun Dew Solutions Pvt Ltd
Date June 2nd, 2020
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Top 5 E-commerce Web Designing Trends in 2020

by Sun Dew Solutions Pvt Ltd

Online shopping habits are undergoing noticeable evolution constantly with a fast-paced life. Eventually, the designers also need to bring change in their design at regular intervals to make sure the online shoppers have a satisfying shopping experience.

Whether you are an e-commerce website owner or a web designer, you cannot afford to lose your customers for amateurish e-commerce design. Right?

The latest e-commerce web designing trends 2020 highlights the cutting-edge technologies like-

  • Artificial intelligence and VR to provide better UI
  • Creative marketing techniques with more customization features for better UX

Scroll down to check out the top 5 e-commerce designing trends of 2020 that you must follow to design a head-turning, personalized e-commerce site and draw more online shoppers.

1. Mobile-friendly layouts

Earlier, the designers used to create the e-commerce website designs primarily for web pages that are responsive and adaptive to mobile devices. In 2020, the idea has just flipped. A significant percentage of online shoppers find it easier and more time-saving to shop from their mobiles.

Catering to this need of the customers, the web designers are now framing the layouts of the e-commerce websites first for mobile devices like iPads, tablets, and smartphones. Then they make sure the design also fits for the larger screen.

Hence, this year, more mobile-friendly features happen to be incorporated in many e-commerce websites themes like-

  • Card-like layouts
  • Easy navigation
  • Long-scrolling pages
  • Finger-friendly icons

2. Motion design for product images

Motion design will play a pivotal role in e-commerce web designing this year. Static product images are no-longer appealing enough to grab the attention of online shoppers and trigger their greed to buy the product. Moreover, a dynamic and moving picture will help the shoppers to estimate how it will look from every dimension. The products having a different texture, patterns, cutting on different sides must be showcased in motion images.

Though, we have seen the elements of motion design and videos in the last couple of years, more animation, micro-interactions, videos, cinemagraphs are taking the driver’s seat in 2020 e-commerce design trends.

3. Rule of the advanced AI Chatbots

E-commerce web designing trends are now focusing more on the personalization approach to address the buyers. With the evolution of AI, chatbots have made their way to e-commerce in recent years. Chatbots are primarily generated to respond to the customer’s queries about payment, delivery, and products.

But the chatbots of 2020 are more advanced to go beyond this limit by providing the shoppers with a customized shopping experience. They reflect shipping details and offer discount codes. Added to that, the round-the-clock virtual availability of this sales assistant guides the customers to land on purchasing decisions. So, those online shoppers who always feel guilty about their impulsive shopping decision will get a shopping companion even at the wee hours.

4. Heterogeneous grid layouts

Do you want to stand out from most of the other e-commerce sites? Then think out of the box layouts and take your design out of the comfort zone. No doubt, that similar-sized, square, and homogenous grid layouts keep the website structured and make browsing user-friendly.

But some brands, especially the fashion industries and brands particularly for the youngsters rely upon this new trend of unconventional grid design for their e-commerce sites to give an edgy feel. With this new layout, you can also highlight your best-selling products without explicitly categorizing them.

5. Display of authentic images

Are you tired of finding suitable images to design an e-commerce website? Many companies have professional photographers in their team to capture authentic, and top-notch quality images for their brand.

Stock images have been back footed this year as the brands want to evoke their stories and sell their unique products. E-commerce designing trends are leaning towards Custom photography to enhance the visual aesthetics of the e-commerce sites as well as to be transparent to their customers with the original pictures of their products.

What are the other e-commerce website designing trends you think will reign in 2020? Share your views with us.

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