9 Must-have Features in an E-commerce App Why do you need it for your Business? 9 Must-have Features in an E-commerce App Why do you need it for your Business?
Author Sundew
Date February 16th, 2021
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9 Must-have Features in an E-commerce App Why do you need it for your Business?

by Sundew

If you’re considering a mobile app for your e-commerce business, you may want to take a look at some of the latest statistics. You should know whether investing in the new app will be profitable for your business in the long run before developing it. Before you launch your app, you have to be sure that your customers will find your app important enough to download and use e-commerce applications

Do you need an e-commerce app? Why?

A study asked mobile shoppers how often they shop through apps. Even if many use retail apps on their mobile devices, they do it infrequently. Over half, at 57%, use their apps once per month or less. Only 10% say they use their apps once per day or more. Quite a few consumers download and use retail apps only sporadically. Other customers interact through a mobile device by visiting your mobile site.

In fact, people are much more likely to visit your website for almost any online shopping activity, except for redeeming gift cards and loyalty program points. When checking store hours or locations, 66% will visit your website, and 45% use your app. On the other hand, 50% visit your website, and 31% use your app to check reviews. Around 19% will use the e-commerce app and 12% will visit your site to use their gift card or loyalty points. If you plan to use app-based loyalty programs, you could find that developing your app is worth the cost.

Types of businesses that need an e-commerce app

Retail, Wholesale, and Online Shopping

Online retailing, e-retailing, or wholesale refers to the transaction of goods and services through online stores from businesses to potential and regular customers. It is achieved through virtual shopping carts and e-catalogues. The applications of e-commerce in this sector are numerous.

The shopping preferences of people have undergone a massive change in the last few years. “Go online” has become a motto for most businesses to succeed. Online shopping is comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective. The prosperity of several online shopping apps validates this.


Finance and e-commerce are more connected today than ever. Banking sectors and the stock market use e-commerce significantly to carry out their operation seamlessly. Online banking provides provisions such as balance check, bill payment, money transfer, etc. Online stock trading enables people to carry out trading electronically by providing information about stocks including analysis, performance reports, charts, etc. through websites.


Collaborating auctions with the e-commerce sector takes the business to the next level where people can participate without any geographical boundaries. It leads to more participation, more negotiation, and helps to make auctions successful.


Online marketing activities such as pricing, product features, and building customer relationships can be strengthened using an e-commerce portal to provide users with an enhanced and customized shopping experience. Digital marketing strategies have become a promising way to promote businesses.


E-banking is an e-commerce application that has simplified time-consuming and complex banking processes. It enables bank users to carry out transactions easily online without having to wait in long queues. Every major bank has its own online application to provide virtual banking services to its customers.

9 Must-have Features in an e-commerce app

First, you need to define your e-commerce goals with utmost clarity. What type of eCommerce mobile app do you want to launch your business – Android or iOS? What is your product? Who is your target audience? Next, you have to set important steps regarding the right features for your eCommerce Mobile Application.

Easy Registration Process

It can be an exhaustive one for your customers if they are confronted with pages and pages of information to fill in to register an e-commerce app. With everybody having a Social Media Account today, make sure it’s an easy registration process. You can enable signup and log in with two clicks at maximum to welcome your customers on-board! Moreover, you can earn extra brownie points to explore their preferences through their Social Media Accounts!

Multiple Payment Options

Imagine how a customer would think if he could not find his convenient payment option after dumping his stuff into the cart? You just lost a customer and many others who prefer the same payment option that your app does not feature. You have to open the doors to the most popular payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and eWallets to ensure that you subtly push your customers towards using your app’s in-built wallet.

Push Notifications

Your customers have their needs and want, you have the supply to satisfy them, but how to bridge this communication gap? Push notification improves customer engagement because they keep customers informed of recommendations, discounts, sales, promotions and offers. Thus, it offers you the ability to cross-sell and up-sell for better profits.

Social Media Integration

Don’t tell me that you do not want ALL the attention of your customers. Social media integration will ensure that your eCommerce mobile app is right in front of your customers while they chat on Facebook, Tweet on Twitter, or pin on Pinterest. 

This will also prompt them to share the seasonal discounts you offer on their social media accounts. User-generated content is the best way for word-of-mouth marketing

Complete Synchronization

If you have your eCommerce website and eCommerce mobile app, you can come up with a very exciting feature. It helps you reach your targeted audience fast and make their buying experience better. Speed up the process by getting our eCommerce mobile app synchronized with the website to save time, beat the competition, and increase your sales.

Google Analytics

Optimize the use of Google Analytics to check out how your potential customers are looking to be on your mobile app with the help of real-time data. Know which product of yours needs a different packaging, what offers can make an appealing combo, and which demography is resonating with your business with Google analytics.

Review & Rating

Empower your customers to rate and review your app and its features. The reviews will help you achieve a sense of realization about the products that you are offering to your customers.

Wishlist Button

It happens many times that your customers would love to purchase the items but are running out of money at that very moment. They want to buy it, not now but definitely when they can afford it. Therein comes the importance of a wishlist as it helps your customers to save products they wish to buy later. In addition to that, you get a chance to know the preferences of your buyer and personalized offers!

Easy Checkout

The universal fact is that the customers hate to wait in the billing queue. You won’t let them wait with a virtual billing system for sure. To ensure that they do not abandon the cart, create a hassle-free checkout process. Help them save their address, e-wallet, and card details and get them faster through the payment gateways.


Can you increase your sales by establishing your own e-commerce app?

The bottom line is that e-commerce apps are the future of this digitally-driven world. Mobile application developers help your company to reap the benefits of the online retail business. 

Mobile eCommerce apps help brands knowing their customers better by staying closer to them with just a ‘finger tap’. As customers spend most of their time on mobile phones, ensure that your brand offers product details, contact information, and motivates them to purchase.

Smartphone owners are now increasingly using their devices to shop and search for products. The mobile app is also convenient and provides a personalized user experience that many customers now look for. The best thing? The mobile app encourages users to become returning customers rather than one-time shoppers.


With its decade-long experience in e-commerce apps and software development for retail industries, we can be the perfect partner to consult and build an eCommerce mobile app for your business.  We can help you create scalable and robust e-commerce apps from scratch that expand your current business and skyrocket your sales. 

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