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Go Duty-Free

Shopping on the Go!

How many times has it happened that you are rushing to catch a flight and pass by the snazzy duty-free shops and wished that you could browse through the products at leisure and grab the attractive deals or maybe you are simply too jet-lagged to shop in between 2 flights!

Flemingo International, one of the market leaders in the Duty-Free retail segment approached Sun Dew Solutions to design a solution to make the Passenger’s life easy. The objective was to ensure a smooth and quick retail experience for the passengers.


We determined a customized digital strategy considering the major challenges of maintaining a large volume of products; building complex duty-free logic across different airports; compatibility of discounts and coupons with duty-free laws and integrating and syncing with multiple Systems.

The Go Duty-Free Pre-order Platform was conceptualized to meet all wishes and functionalities of the present and the future for both the passengers and the retailer.


Duty-Free Pre-Order Solutions for Travel Retail Industry
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Hassle-Free Experience!

Shopping for Duty-Free products was now just a click away, with the option to browse through the items online at one's leisure and pre-order the items prior to travel. The item pickup was only a matter of a few minutes at the airport duty-free shop floor.

The unique platform provided a revolutionary shopping experience to the Passengers.Sun Dew Solutions was involved in execution from strategy to concept and translation to activation.

The world keeps changing at a rapid pace, we ensure that the digital landscape keeps pace.