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Systematix Media

E-commerce Solution for a Brand obsessed with Smart Technology

Systematix Media provides smart technology-enabled solutions to meet the consumer’s toughest challenges, demonstrating a commitment to excellence. They have been selected as one of Apple’s premium resellers for their proven expertise in system knowledge and integration. 

Sun Dew Solutions was selected to build an e-commerce portal by revamping their existing site to present a state-of-the-art UI


The need of the hour was an impeccable interface which would highlight each product section with a crisp storyline and enhance its visual aesthetics. The integration with the payment and stock order management systems proved to be a challenge with the involvement of multiple stakeholders.

After multiple rounds of brainstorming with various parties, we came up with a blueprint for a neat and crisp system having the best features of an e-commerce portal.


E-commerce Solution for premium electronic accessories reseller
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Custom-made Solution to sell Intuitive Products

The tailor-made e-commerce solution provides an intuitive platform for the online sale of Apple products and other electronic accessories. The integrated agile order stock management facilitates operating prompt and secure entries by the client.

The convenient store locator feature can guide customers to their nearest stores to avail of a whole range of post-sales services including system integrations, installations, upgrades, troubleshooting, and diagnostics. 

Sun Dew Solutions enabled the digital presence of the store within a few weeks to boost sales significantly.