How Voice Search Feature Is Transforming E-Commerce Business How Voice Search Feature Is Transforming E-Commerce Business
Author Sundew
Date October 29th, 2020
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How Voice Search Feature Is Transforming E-Commerce Business

by Sundew

Throughout the last decade, businesses have gone through a rollercoaster especially in marketing or selling the products or services. The e-commerce sector has experienced a complete change from the way it used to operate earlier. From offline marketing, it entered straight onto the screen of the computer a few years back.  As voice-controlled search is considered to be the next big thing in modern-day business. The online businesses are on the verge of stepping into the voice search optimized world to make the customer’s life simpler.

Simplifying the online shopping process for different targeted customers

Devices like Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, Bixby, and Cortona have already simplified our daily lives. This is an effective way to meet the needs of the lazy, busy, as well as non-tech-savvy customers. People often feel lazy to type a long-phrase or cannot find correct words to let the Search Engine know exactly what is required. Voice search is a great alternative for this target audience. Whereas, for the busy customers it takes less time to speak out the requirements than to type a long sentence in the search bar.  In the case of the technophobic customers, voice search is an easier option than to land on the search bar of the browser, type the requirements and click into the correct and reliable sites for shopping. 

According to recent research, 72% of people use voice-activated speakers daily to book a cab, play songs, find products of their choice in e-commerce trade, and to call a friend or send a text.

In this blog, we will focus more on how the voice search feature has become a game-changer for the e-commerce industry and how can businesses utilize it to earn the maximum benefits.


Voice Search is intelligent to feel the impulse of the customers

Voice search features are the extension of AI and the algorithm of machine learning is smart enough to detect and follow up the habits and needs of the users. When it understands that you need microwave-safe bowls after buying the micro-oven last week, it will automatically suggest to you while shopping online to add some containers to the cart.

This mode of shopping is changing the dimensions of customer relationship management and helping the marketers target the customers based on their inclination. Besides, the data collected through this advanced AI feature also help brands learn more about the impulse of their customers and brainstorm their marketing strategy.

Voice Search is currently a more convenient form of search

Voice search is undoubtedly quicker and simpler compared to typing. Any person types at a speed of about 28 to 33 words per minute on average. But voice search features enable it to process an average of about 90 words per minute. This makes voice search features faster to fetch your desired products out of the huge assortment of the market instantly and easily. Instead of using your hands and typing upon a keypad or screen, voice search lets you convey what you exactly require and display the results fast.  Voice search is widely regarded to be more convenient to conduct than any other form of search.

Optimized content for voice search is a real challenge

With the induction of the voice search feature, digital marketing strategies are also evolving alongside the progress of the new technology. Brands need to focus on different marketing aspects to change which are new:

1.Voice search naturally relies on the colloquial language. If your target market comprises many countries following different languages and dialects, then it would be a real challenge for the marketers to reach out to their target audience speaking a completely different language.

2.Marketing will be based more on impulsive search terms and the customer’s existing relationship with the product. Optimizing the content with the keywords of different languages will be indeed an adventurous task for the marketing team.

The future of E-commerce in the voice-search shopping scenario

The user-base of voice search is constantly growing and expanding. Grocery shopping has already registered a rate of more than 20-22% of voice-based orders. Hence, marketing should take a turn away from the conventional methods where products will not just be displayed, but also the description can be heard. Some giant E-commerce platforms have already started optimizing their portals to get ready for the transition.

A study by Gartner also assumes that around 25-30% of online searches by 2021, won’t use screens to get answers for their queries which would be an industry-changing scenario. However, Artificial Intelligence is yet to take over internet browsing and online shopping entirely, and voice search is just the beginning.

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