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5 Simple Hacks for Optimizing your Site for Voice Search 5 Simple Hacks for Optimizing your Site for Voice Search
Author Ananya Ghosh
Date November 20th, 2018
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5 Simple Hacks for Optimizing your Site for Voice Search

by Ananya Ghosh

These days we are approaching closely to the tech-driven world, where virtual assistants are widely accepted in simplifying our tasks through voice search. This phenomenon eliminates the need to manually type on the phone or desktop and allows us to dictate our query while we are on the go.  This major technological transformation has made the businesses feel the impulse of optimizing their site for voice search and realize its serious repercussions on overall functions of the business.

According to a recent study, websites that rank high on the search engine result pages tend to secure that similar place when it comes to Google voice search results.  However, there is far more to Google voice search than mere convenience; it is changing the way Google handles search queries and interpret how users search for particular information. So, in this article, we will be giving tips at how businesses can optimize their website for voice search. 

Try long tail keywords for voice search SEO optimization

Google is paying close attention to this voice search trend and is making adjustments in how it ranks sites and present information. One basic principal to optimize your website for voice search is to find long tail keywords that sound natural and keep the conversation going. While optimizing for voice search, pick words carefully as people tend to be more specific as opposed to typing on phone or desktops.

Claim your Google my business listing

Claiming and optimizing Google my business listing is a great way for Google to find out more information about your business for e.g.  Category of business, address, phone number, business hours and so on. Since many voice search queries are local in nature, therefore having your business claimed and up-to-date can help increase the chances of showing up when a voice search is done pertaining to the local business category.

Improve online reputation by tracking ratings & reviews

Along with the popularity of voice search, online ratings and reviews also play a major role in helping people decide which business to patronize. These are key metrics in managing online reputation and are crucial in promoting your business. Voice assistants such as Alexa, Cortana and Siri are convenient for bringing up information on Google My Business, Yellow Pages, Facebook, Yelp and other review sites.

Optimize for local search

Both the terms ‘voice search’ and ‘local search’ are closely connected. People mostly use voice search when they drive around or prepare to leave the house. They're generally looking for nearby businesses to solve their needs. In order to take advantage of this, find out as many relevant local search terms as possible. In addition to your physical address and city, including neighbourhoods, counties and landmarks (e.g., near the main city or the airport).

Make your website mobile-friendly

With the majority of web searches now being steered on smartphones or tablets, it is now important that your site is responsive across all devices and is optimized with voice searches. It's easier to speak than to type it out on a smartphone. When people are in hurry, they are more likely to use voice search to find something than to type out the question. As mobile devices increasingly overshadow desktops and laptops, voice search will become a natural way to connect.

Voice search is a trend that is going to stay and it will only get bigger with time. It will strongly affect marketing and Search Engine Optimization, especially for local businesses. So marketers need to understand the power of voice search and take the full advantage of it to modify the content of their website. This is the time to take the plunge into voice search SEO to cater to the customers who are seeking information about your business through their smartphones or voice assistants and gain an edge over the competition! 

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