Konstantine Stassinakis

Consultant - Data Security

Konstantine has over 20 years of experience in consultancy, business development, and portfolio management. He also specializes in financial management and is an expert in providing Cybersecurity solutions. He is currently responsible for cybersecurity orchestration across Defendeer’s global client base.

Konstantine is a data-driven strategist. His diverse achievements and wealth of experience have helped Defendeer refine its competencies in the chosen niche. Today, Defendeer, a Swiss Cybersecurity, and Data protection Company, is known for formulating precise and highly effective Data Security and Protection solutions. Large and medium enterprises actively seek its services in Data Monitoring and Categorisation, Data Access Governance, Credential & Data Security assessment, and User Behaviour Analytics.

After gaining his Master of Business Administration from the Graduate School of Business Administration, Zurich, Konstantine acquired further expertise in Cyber and Cloud Security, Credential & Data Assessment, etc. He started his career with Swisscom Fixnet AG and continued to achieve milestones in providing cybersecurity solutions, business development, and finance consultancy throughout his impressive career.

Konstantine is a very thoughtful leader who inspires his team to keep setting standards in formulating cybersecurity solutions. He keenly understands the consumer psyche and believes that offering diverse security solutions is the key to meeting their demands. His flawless collaboration and communication, paired with his incredible knowledge and attention to detail, make him a worthy entrepreneur capable of taking Defendeer to new heights.