Charly Graf


Charly brings 25 years of consulting, advisory, and implementation experience working across, Technology, Human Resources Management, Product Marketing, Project Management and Cyber Security. He manages and drives security orchestration for medium to large enterprises globally.

His thirst for excellence and "never-say-no" attitude has been instrumental in charting the success story of Defendeer, a Swiss cyber security and data protection company that is a niche player in providing Cyber Security Solutions, Data Categorisation, Real-time Monitoring, Data Encryption and Dynamic Masking. Enterprises seek them out to leverage their niche competencies in providing advanced IT security strategies, Data Access Governance, Data Loss Prevention, and automated Cybersecurity Solutions.

Charly believes in adding value by providing solutions and crafting risk mitigation strategies that proactively anticipate rather than solve problems when they arise. 

A pass-out of the acclaimed Graduate School of Business Administration, Zurich, Charly started his career with the well-known Volvo Switzerland Ltd. Today he boasts of a career graph that is as diverse as it is broad. His affinity for achieving operational brilliance through strategic planning and execution has redefined business development and client relationship management across the various companies he has served in his career. 

A rich portfolio of certifications bears testimony to Charly's diverse knowledge of Data Protection and its allied fields. This knowledge empowers him to lead innovation in security product management at Defendeer. Charly is a visionary strategist who seeks to formulate and implement Data-Centric solutions that ensure the safety of Defendeers' global customer base through the different stages of digital transformation.