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Top reasons why startups must have a website Top reasons why startups must have a website
Author Sun Dew Solutions
Date September 18th, 2018
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Top reasons why startups must have a website

by Sun Dew Solutions

Have you ever thought what would be the first thing one will look up to when they hear about a Startup? Isn’t it obvious one will look for their official website! In this virtual dominating world a brand is treated as non-existent if they lack the online presence. 

Still, one may question, why is this significant? Does it even matter to have a website for a Startup?

Unlike huge companies, startups face capital constraints while opting for traditional means to promote themselves and win new customers. So, this is where the need of having a website comes in where one spends a little and gain a huge ROI qualitatively and quantitatively. A well-planned website not only increases sales of your products or services but offers value to potential customers in terms of security and customer satisfaction. Out of 2.42 billion online users, 63% of consumers primarily search a website to find and engage with businesses.

So now you can understand the importance of having a website for your startup based on these facts. If you are still on the fence, read on!

1.    Put your strategies into action

Building a unique or bespoke website for your startup would enable the business to assess the response of their target markets and potential customers towards their services, products or the latest ideas. So it’s important that you invest sufficient time in planning a website because that’s the first thing that will hook your customers. An organized website acts as a store-front which converts potential customers into leads and acquire business partners for the future prospect.

2.    Markets your product than ever before

Marketing is important for any type of business, but it is inevitable for startups. As mentioned earlier about the number of internet users who depend on the internet to make their purchase decisions, it has also been noted that startups must consider Search engine optimization (SEO), SMO and email marketing for their marketing strategies.  This will help startups to reach out to the right target groups and enable them to see sweeping changes in their sales figure.

3.    Enhance your brand visibility

‘Be seen, be found and be heard’ one must have come across these buzzwords in the industry, well that’s true, your startup needs to have a protruding visibility to stand out in the market. This can only be possible when you have a corporate website that interacts with your target audience and engages them in what they are interested. So put all your strategies in making a website which is attractive as well as resonates with your brand’s ideas and visions.

4.    Reduces your advertising overheads    

When a startup is creating a professional website, they are already positioning their brand to reach millions of potential customers for less than one would spend mailing a hundred brochures by traditional mail. A bespoke website cost might be a little premium in the initial days, but soon you will realize it is worth every penny.

5.    Satisfaction through increased customers

Aligning your marketing strategy through a website will be the perfect fit if you need more qualified leads and customers. After driving the right target audience to the website, one can entice them to check other pages or product and services section. Focusing on great user experience and easy navigation can help to convert these visitors into customers.

The success of startups largely depends on the way you reflect your brand. So take your business online and make the market aware of your existence

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