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Is Blazor Better Than JavaScript? Is Blazor Better Than JavaScript?
Author Sundew
Date January 31st, 2023
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Is Blazor Better Than JavaScript?

by Sundew

JavaScript has gained popularity worldwide as most of the Single Page applications to date are based on it. But the inadequacy of some features has made Developers look for alternatives. Blazor, introduced by Microsoft, has made a robust entry as it helps in developing web-based applications by using C#. 

In this article, we will be Introducing Blazor and comparing it with the different frameworks of JavaScript to find out which one is truly better. 

Introduction of JavaScript

JavaScript is the most widely used programming language, popular for being lightweight and compiled with premium functions. JavaScript is used as the Scripting language for Web-Pages and some Non-web projects. It can be used in both frontend and backend development, but it is mostly used in the client side of the webpage as it has the ability to design and program the web page according to probable client interactions. 

JavaScript is an advanced programming language that can be learned easily and used to craft dynamic Web pages which are very interactive. The JavaScript frameworks have been used in many categories of projects, from Web pages and Online applications to Game development, Smartwatches, and Graphics. 

Limitations of JavaScript

Security Risks: JavaScript can be under the threat of Cross Site Scripting(XSS) attacks that use JavaScript to collect data by using AJAX or manipulative Tags, fishing data from the visitor’s browser. 

Complicated: An elaborate knowledge about all aspects of the programming concepts and other instances of JavaScript is required to master the complicated framework. 

Performance: JavaScript is comparatively slow when used for building complex programs. For this reason, it is only used to perform simple tasks in the browser. 

Important JavaScript frameworks

The Main JavaScript frameworks are

  • React.js 
  • Angular.js
  • Vue.js

React.js- React, in simple terms, is an Open source, client-sided library which helps to develop Mobile applications and Single page Web applications. The simplicity of the framework makes it convenient to use. It also enhances the scaling of the applications. As it works as a component, it efficiently maintains codes even in large-scale projects. The main advantage of React is that it enhances the application’s performance using Virtual Document Object Model(DOM). 

Angular.js- Angular.js is based on MVC(Model View Controller) architecture. It uses features like data binding and angular CLI(Command-line Interface) to present a dynamic and interactive website, improving the customization of the web applications.  This frontend open-source framework is said to be the version of HTML if it was designed to develop web applications. This framework lacks in two important aspects; complexity in learning and limited SEO support.

Vue.js- Vue is a lightweight framework packed with various features like data binding, Virtual DOM, built-in libraries, and much more that help it to create seamless and interactive web applications. It is simple to understand and integrate, even while creating large type projects. 

To get a detailed understanding of Angular Vs React Vs Vue follow the link-  Angular Vs react Vs Vue: What to choose in 2021

AngularJs Vs ReactJs Vs VueJs

Introduction to Blazor 

Blazor, launched by Microsoft, is a framework that helps to create interactive client side User Interface for Web applications by using the language C#. The Blazor Web Assembly allows it to run any web browser and some of its features duplicate JavaScript. It is backed by features like Dependency injection, layout, routing, Forms and Validation, which makes the development process smooth and creates Web Applications that are detailed and interactive, allowing codes to be shared between the server side and client side.

Blazor is composed of two major components:

  • Blazor Web Assembly

  • Blazor server 

Moreover, the advantages of Blazor are:

  • Allows complete .NET debugging 

  • Browser plugins are not required

  • Uses the latest Web Browser potential to create a Modern Application

  • Shares codes between server and client

  • Uses C# language for full-stack Web application development

  • Helps in making hybrid Mobile and desktop applications through .NET 

  • Compatible with any browser

Blazor VS React

Blazor and React both are used to develop Web applications with interactive UI. React is more popular than Blazor as it has extensive and detailed JavaScript libraries that make the development process easier. Moreover, it is faster than Blazor, as it requires no downloading of DLL libraries to the Browser, unlike Blazor’s Web Assembly.

But the C# usage and running of HTML Razor by Web Assembly through a browser in Blazor, allows Fullstack(both frontend and backend) development. With additional features like no plugin, server-side rendering and .NET Debugging, Blazor is more efficient than React, which lacks these features. 

Blazor Vs Angular

While comparing Angular and Blazor, the former one is well-established and packed with robust features, while the latter is still nascent and developing. Comparing their frameworks, Blazor uses one-way Binding while Angular uses two-way binding, making it production ready. Blazor allows the creation of Hybrid and Native applications with progressive designs. Angular builds simple but robust Applications using Java. 

Blazor Vs Vue

The similarities between Vue and other JavaScript frameworks are well noted. All are based on JavaScript language and typescript, applying Virtual DOM and Dual binding. Blazor, on the other hand, works on Web assembly and C# language, using incremental DOM and single binding. Thus, the Blazor and the JavaScript frameworks serve the same purpose but are architected in different ways.

Blazor or JavaScript

Is Blazor better than JavaScript? 

JavaScript has been dominating the worldwide Web application development stage for a long while, and developers are fond of the framework. It is robust, simple, and packed with features to build a seamless web application. Blazor is still in its maturing stage. It has unlocked the choice of developers who master the C# language to use it while doing both frontend and backend development. 

It entirely depends on a developer's skills and preferences to choose Blazor or JavaScript. If the developers are entitled to learn and program in the JavaScript language, they should choose that framework. If they want their Applications to be based on C# language, Blazor suffices their requirements. Both have the same ability to create Dynamic Applications. 

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