Five ways how Chatbots can offer better Customer Service Five ways how Chatbots can offer better Customer Service
Author Sundew
Date February 12th, 2019
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Five ways how Chatbots can offer better Customer Service

by Sundew

Chatbots are used everywhere nowadays be it in receiving orders or responding to queries. Most companies are leveraging chatbots for operation purposes to get better outcomes. Many big giants in the industry are referring to chatbots as the next big thing for data management and customer servicing.

We are all aware of the buzz that chatbots have created in the business sphere. However, it is a computer program that is capable of initiating a real conversation via chat interface and has a wide range of applications for any type of business. Chatbots are equipped with AI, Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing have the knack to understand and process human language making it easier to solve human queries.

Here’s how chatbots can enhance your customer’s experience:

Instant customer service and support

We are often put on hold while in the middle of a conversation with a customer service representative and this process requires patience and most importantly your customer’s valuable time. Luckily, a chatbot will help you solve this problem. Your customers will never have to wait as a chatbot will answer all your queries in a fraction of second. This allows customer service representatives to focus on more critical issues and leave a positive impact on the customer.

Personal service and increased sales

Chatbot assists in making purchasing decisions, making recommendations based on customers’ preferences and searching for a product catalogue which proves helpful for the customer as well as increases profits for your business. For some reason, if a customer exits a site without making a purchase, the chatbot remembers the last conversation with the customer and makes recommendations accordingly.

Access to a larger audience

Chatbots allows businesses to access a wide range of audience as there are more than one billion active users who are using messengers or similar applications. It simply means that with just a single click, one can approach more than a billion users.

Round the clock availability

The purpose of having a chatbot is that customers can initiate a conversation at any time as long as they are using a messenger application on which the chatbot is employed. This proves to be favourable as it can solve any basic issue by a customer during non-working hours.

Chatbots can predict

Chatbot always recollects previously held conversations with a particular customer which benefits the company in predicting the targeted customer base while devising a strategy. The more you know your customer, the better your business will perform.

Having a chatbot for your business makes it possible for you to understand your customer requirement which helps in initiating a series of questions. This also allows a business to know the preferences, likes and dislikes, etc. based on these data, an organization can plan the marketing strategy and approach to the target audience.

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