E-commerce solutions in the COVID19 World – How they will re-shape industries E-commerce solutions in the COVID19 World – How they will re-shape industries
Author Sundew
Date August 12th, 2020
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E-commerce solutions in the COVID19 World – How they will re-shape industries

by Sundew

Coupled with the vulnerable condition of our health, COVID 19 has also hit the world economy hard. Production has slowed down due to the unavailability of raw materials, the absence of labor and the companies are finding it extremely challenging to cope with the towering manufacturing price. 

In this ‘war-like economy’ how does one survive and sustain? 

Here, we have tried to highlight some methodical e-commerce solutions by which a business will be able to avoid extinction during this global crisis. Due to the declining demand for certain luxurious products, devastating supply chain, difficulties in getting inventory from the suppliers, and delivering it to the customers, many businesses have already stumbled, and some of them are tottering. As brick and mortar shops are rolling down their shutters due to the worldwide lockdown, the shop owners also have flocked online to continue their business. 


Are you focusing more on selling ‘need to use’ products than ‘good to use’ products?

It is time to rethink these lines and how you position your product line. In this scenario, choosing a customized e-commerce solution for your brands and enterprises is crucial to reach out to your customers and ensure a faster ROI.

Welcome the Novice shoppers with a Simplified E-commerce solution!

As social distancing is the only effective master stroke one has, against the bio war, most of the customers would turn their heads from the physical grocery stores to online. The people, who have never been used to buying their essentials in the online cart, may find it difficult to perform their shopping. For the newbies and not so tech-savvy shoppers, simplifying the e-commerce solution is the one way or the highway to boost your sale! Top E-commerce giants are now focusing on speed and simplicity to drive mobile conversion. According to the experts interviewed by Business Insider Intelligence, it is becoming faster and easier in various facets of mobile checkouts. 

Make shopping easier for your buyers with Advisory Services and better information!

With the evolution of AI, chatbots have made their way to e-commerce in recent years. Chatbots are primarily generated to respond to the customer’s queries about payment, delivery, and products.

The chatbots now go beyond this limit by providing shoppers with a customized shopping experience. Would it not be amazing if customers could say, "Alexa, show me the shoe ideal for my morning jog."

There must be many times when customers discover that they could get their favorite bag at almost half the price they invested. A virtual shopping assistant reflects shipping pop-ups and offers discount codes. So, if a customer always feels guilty about their impulsive shopping decision, they will get a shopping companion even at the wee hours.

In the age of personalization and recommendations,  your e-commerce site should be “U-commerce” for the Customers. 

Many celebrated coffee companies are now leaning towards AI to track customers’ coffee preferences and sell the exact kind of coffee they love to taste.

So, how can they sell coffee brewed by Artificial Intelligence?

The buyers are instructed to scribble down his/her expectations and preference of coffee by filling a form reflected in the chatbot. Later, after having that coffee, they are also encouraged to provide feedback regarding the taste and flavor in another questionnaire. 

Launch a Sharing Economy Business Model: Give Access instead of Ownership

Because of the vulnerable financial state of many of your buyers in Post-pandemic time, you may experience a noticeable decline in the business. With the access economy, your customers can access or use your products without owning it. It won’t also burn a hole in their pocket as they do not need to bear the high purchasing cost.

A reputed company in the USA has launched a monthly vehicle subscription service to provide a daily commute opportunity and weekend driving thrills to the car lovers via mobile app. Also, a car company in Germany followed the footsteps which reflect their agenda, "Own the experience, not the car".

E-commerce as a Service in the New World! 

A leading American furniture company sells furniture as a renting service in workplaces. Instead of purchasing the office equipment and the ergonomic furniture, the clients can rent them against a monthly charge. This solution proves to be quite a convenient and cost-effective option now when the workplaces are shifting to home. You can rent a similar chair and desk which you were comfortable using in your office.  

Provide a Brand New Shopping Experience to your Customers! Make it Fun with More Discounts and Surprises!

Think about the Surprise Boxes for the subscribers available for quite a time already in the market! Those surprise boxes are packed with new stuff so that the customers explore something new every time.

Regarding this, an excellent approach has been taken by a growing cosmetics e-commerce sector in the USA. They are now emphasizing more on giving discounts more on self-care products. Their monthly subscription boxes are adorned with wellness goodies that provide relaxation in the depressing lockdown. They arrange special gift coupons with interesting contests like: “Share a therapist-curated activity & get a product from us essential for your beauty regime at half price!” This sounds amazing! Isn’t it?

Now, what makes a user-friendly robust, scalable, and also data-driven eCommerce solution?

  • Custom E-commerce Suite
  • Data-driven evaluation techniques for business insights
  • Multiple Device Responsiveness-Take your business at your Customer’s fingertips
  • Incorporate more mobile-friendly features in your e-commerce
  • Make your site 100% compliant with Cybersecurity Guidelines

We have tried to discuss ideas and directions to help you re-imagine the way you do business in the ‘New Normal’ scenario. 

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