Connect with Your Customers with These Latest Content Marketing Trends in 2020 Connect with Your Customers with These Latest Content Marketing Trends in 2020
Author Sundew
Date June 1st, 2020
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Connect with Your Customers with These Latest Content Marketing Trends in 2020

by Sundew

The need of the customers is constantly evolving. Only zeroing on innovative & creative content will not help always to get connected with your audience. 

Content marketing trends should evaluate certain key factors like your niche, target audience, and the platform you are using. 

So, the aim of content marketing trends 2020 must meet both ends like revamping content creation for businesses as well as meeting your target customer’s requirements with distributing effective and engaging content.


#Trend1: The epic rise of video and live-streaming

For the last couple of years, the two terms ‘video marketing’ and content marketing’ have been overlapping and it is going to be a majestic marketing tool for any kind of business in 2020.

Multimedia content tends to generate more public interest and get relevant traffic in the forms of more views, likes, and shares than other forms of content. Even 80% of the online shoppers rely upon videos to research about a product before placing them in the cart.

Hence, if you want to engage with your audience and get into their heads, you cannot ignore incorporating more videos in your content marketing strategy 2020.

Depending on your niche, a short 2 minutes DIY-style video may work as a trump card to connect with your target audience. You can also try out the live-streaming trend by going live on Facebook and Instagram.  For instance, you can hold a live Q&A session for real-time interaction with your customers. 


#Trend2: Tailor-made content for voice search

Voice search devices have already taken hold of the marketspace with 78% year-over-year growth. This utility-based voice search-oriented 2020 content trend is opening a fruitful and optional door for the marketers to eschew the social media ad budgets to reach out to the target customers.

With smart speakers and AI-powered assistants, people now are preferring to use their voice to search online instead of typing a whole sentence. The way we speak to the voice search devices is different from the text we write in the Google search bar. For example, we will ask “Where is Machu Pichu”? So, you need to optimize your content by using more long-tail keywords and forming interrogative sentences.

Besides, by following the voice queries, you will get an idea of what kind of information your niche audience is looking for. This also helps you optimize your pre-existing content for voice-SEO.


#Trend3: Content designed for Conversational Marketing

One of the fastest ways to convert the traffic into your leads is a one-on-one conversation. When you are having a conversation with your audience, you will get to know more about your buyers and his or her exact requirements. Eventually, you will craft the content on the basis of that information in the future.

With various b2c content marketing trends like e-mail marketing, live customer support, Facebook messenger marketing, AI chatbots, you will easily involve having a life-like conversation with your users and serve them accordingly.  

Users are tired to navigate through the long-scrolling pages to land on the solution of their queries, they prefer getting instant and accurate answers to their questions. Intelligent content recommendations generated by AI systems exempt the users from the tedious process and also give a more personalized touch in the answers to meet their needs.


#Trend4: Influential User Generated Content (UGC)

According to a recent survey, around 84% of consumers think user-generated content is more convincing than brand content. The buyers always check the reviews posted by the users before buying any product. When an unpaid contributor creates, promotes, and shares the brand’s content like website pages, images, corporate blogs, testimonials, and social media posts, then we can label the content as UGC.  

For example, a famous online furniture store has started an Instagram UGC campaign where the customers post their home setups which they have bought online from them using their brand hashtags.

That furniture store reposted those UGC attaching a link so that users can buy those same items showcased in a real customer’s home.

To sum up, you need to identify what motivates your customers to promote your brand’s content and how you can convince and engage with them to post user-generated content.

What are the other digital content marketing trends you follow? Share your views with the Sun Dew Solutions team.

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