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App Designers vs. App Developers App Designers vs. App Developers
Author Sundew
Date September 2nd, 2022
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App Designers vs. App Developers

by Sundew

Application Software has taken over the current lifestyle, and most people are familiar with them. These digital assets deliver specific services that upgrade a task's functionality from educational purposes and the spheres of business to another ambit of life. For example, the extensive usage of smartphones and other digital devices in today's age has increased the scope of Application Software and thus enhanced the profession of Application Designers and Application Developers.

The making of an Application includes various processes, and App Developers and App Designers synthesize their skills to achieve it. But the vagueness behind their roles and job scopes remains unsettled to this day. 

In this post, we seek to clarify 

  • • Who is an Application Designer?

  • • Who is an Application Developer?

  • • How do App Developers and App Designers differ in their Job Expertise?


Who is an Application Designer?

There are several procedures required to construct an application. 

An App designer looks into an Application's aesthetic structure, stretches the design beyond visual elegance, and moulds it according to the business requirements. More than beautifying an application, the App Designers need to consider the scope of the App and bring solutions to establish a diverse layout that suffices the requirements of the targeted audience. 

An Application Designer needs to have detailed knowledge about programming solutions, the business' Database, Information Architecture, and software development methodology. More than these, the person also needs to understand the vision of the Company they are working for and the users' requirements. 

Steps of Application Designing

  • Understanding the Goal - Applications are tools that serve a particular purpose; hence to craft one, the essence behind it needs to be understood by the designers. The Designers need to question their clients regarding the motive of the App, its vision, its preferred appearance, and the details that will serve as its nuances, separating it from the others. A clear understanding of the idea behind an Application is fundamental.  

  • Research - There are thousands of Applications in the market, and the numbers are always on a hike. To make an application stand out from the rest, detailed research through the market is a must. Application Designers research and analyze the collected information to bring out the best potential of the App, and give a distinctive persona to it. 

An elaborate research analysis also reveals the necessary implementations that one can add to the Application, which the other apps lack and hence eliminate competition.

  • Creating a Wireframe - Wireframes are the visual blueprints of an Application's architecture. Designers compose wireframes by including their research information and picturize how the application will appear. For this, tools like Sketch and Adobe XD are used. After creating a particular wireframe, it is modified into an interactive prototype. In the end, the Wireframe is discussed and reviewed by the Clients. 

  • Visual Elements & Supportive IT Resources - Designers determine the visual elements of UX and UI - Fonts, Graphics, etc. They also decide on the Supportive IT resources. They need to consider the changing technologies and find a way to implement those in the App Design to keep the Application updated with the trends. 

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Who is an App Developer?

Application Developers construct the blueprints drawn by the Application Designers. For example, if App Designers are architects, App developers are the engineers who manifest the Application Designs into reality. Application Developers codify the wireframe, and their work structure is entirely technical. Besides constructing the Application, they also need to consider its maintenance and smooth functioning.

Finally, designers and developers collaborate to shape an Application into precision. Therefore, good communication is essential to bring out the right aesthetics and seamless operation of the application. The Application developers inscribe the codes via programming languages and do an application module based on the final wireframe compiled by the Designers. After this, the Application Module undergoes a series of testing processes to optimize its functionality. At last, the final Application is sent to the user community to determine its advantages and drawbacks. 

While this whole process appears to be simple, there are three types of Application Developers to take care of different aspects of App Development 

  • Front-End Application Developers - Front-End Developers operate on the part of the Application that is visible from the User's perspective. They primarily focus on the Application's graphics and layouts. Front- End Application development determines how a user will view and interact with the application. 

  • Back-End Application Developers - Back-End Developers are concerned about the Application's Database design. As Apps require data to function, Back-End Developers are responsible for creating strong Database structures and supporting the Front-End Framework. 

  • Full-Stack Developers - Full-Stack Developers look into the Construction of the Application in a 360 degrees vision. They work both as front-end visual developers and back-end database developers and contribute to the overall Application Development. 

How App Developers and App Designers differ in their Job Expertise?

There is no doubt that both Application Developers and Application Designers share equal importance in creating a successful Application. Designers lay out the patterns and structures that create the framework of an application, while Developers build their codes around these designs. 

The element of separation between designers and developers are their skills. While both need to have a clear understanding of the aspects of designing and coding, The Designers have to be more artistic, and the Developers need to remain indulged in the technicals.In the matter of scope, App Developers and App Designers are suitably paid according to their experience and skills.  Furthermore, A sound synthesis of ideas between Application Designers and Application Developers creates an App that fully realizes its functionality and operation.

Designers sketch the Application, following current trends and increasing the User number. They also make sure to keep the application free from any interaction loopholes. The users are secured with an optimum User Experience—developers, on the other hand, craft the Application structure smoothly and seamlessly. 

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