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5 Social-Media Trends to Prepare For In 2019 5 Social-Media Trends to Prepare For In 2019
Author Ananya Ghosh
Date December 12th, 2018
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5 Social-Media Trends to Prepare For In 2019

by Ananya Ghosh

Recently, social media platforms have evolved from simple communication medium to a full-fledged news, entertainment and marketing hub. With new features and this year’s innovations like IGTV and Snap chat’s Story Ads, all social platforms are racing against each other to keep its users engaged and entertained – which signifies that your company shouldn’t be left too far behind. To keep up with these current social media trends brands need to upgrade themselves by reevaluating their strategy to thrive in this ever-evolving industry.

In this dynamic landscape, marketers and businesses are vying for ways to stay ahead of the competition by boosting brand awareness.

Here are few pointers to keep in mind as you prepare your social-media calendar for 2019

Social CEOs will become the new custom

In the digital age, one of the most prominent changes we have noticed is how we perceive a company's frontrunners. Lack of online presence and transparency with the audience has diminished public's trust about the brand. However, in 2019, CEOs and other company leaders need to use social media extensively to share their insights, connect with their community, and listen to their audience. Making social media a part of doing business in 2019 is imperative for the success of the brand.

User-generated content will make brands' efforts more reliable

User-generated content will do the trick if your organic social reach is on the decline.  Instead of spending hours crafting unique content for social media, one can rely on user-generated content from their actual audience base which will increase the engagement more authentically and build a stronger relationship with the followers.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads are making ads more subjective

Waving off your new members through invasive or impersonal ads would be the last thing any marketers would do to their TGs. Luckily the new feature rolled out by LinkedIn would help you to avoid such errands. With LinkedIn Dynamic Ads one can customize paid ad content and cultivate more authentic communication with their target customers.

Social listening will give brands an edge

Engaging your audience is the thumb rule of any social strategy! So while developing your social media plan, put the effort to hear your audience to balance the engagement equation.  Social listening comprises analyzing conversations, phrases, and other details about your brand and competitors. Social listening tools can help to identify patterns and collect meaningful interpretations. Using that to your advantage can significantly benefit your campaigns in the future and give your brand an edge over the competition. Instead of bombarding with promotional content, focus on engaging with your followers.

Instagram Stories feature will get more prominence

In the last few years, Instagram Stories have become a popular way for users to constantly update their profiles, keep followers engaged, and, in some cases, even increase follower base. From the past trends, it has been observed, possibly the most valuable content is short-lived. To make the most of this feature, one can share pictures or behind-the-scenes videos that give your audience a glimpse to the ethos and culture and make them feel like a part of your brand. However, overwhelming your followers with a dozen posts a day would definitely impede your Social media strategy.

The goal is to implement these trends by next year while many of them are already in use. So, keep an eye on what social media experts and other leaders in the industry are saying and incorporating in their marketing plan and rework on it to beat the competition with an exceptional social-media strategy for 2019.

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