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Epic Elite

Bringing in transparency to Social Media Channel Management

Epic Elite is an expert in the field of Social Media Channel Management and can be considered to be a one-stop-shop for all things YouTube

They required Sun Dew Solutions to create a system to provide their customers with an easy-to-use, yet detailed interface to view earning reports and copyright violation claim settlement details for their youtube channels.


We faced tough challenges in the form of a completely new domain and also technical integration with the youtube API, based solely on their specification documentation and no technical assistance.

We performed an in-depth study of the domain and thorough R&D on the technical aspects of the youtube API to come up with the required System.

User-friendly Interface for You Tube Channel Management System
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Clarity and Confidence for Customers

The Epic Elite Portal provided customers with clear data regarding their channel earnings with calculation details along with information on claim settlement. The customers also had the benefit of directly uploading their audio or video files to youtube using this interface.

This provided the customers with much-needed clarity and convenience for managing their youtube channels.

Sun Dew Solutions' approach to making complex things simple made life easy for even non-technical customers and minimized channel-related disputes.