5 Reasons Why Customer Experience will dominate over Digital Strategy 5 Reasons Why Customer Experience will dominate over Digital Strategy
Author Sundew
Date February 26th, 2019
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5 Reasons Why Customer Experience will dominate over Digital Strategy

by Sundew

In today’s industry of rapidly growing interfaces, customer experience (CX) has become progressively more important. Today's customers are smart, tech-savvy, time-starved and want their needs to be gratified instantly. With every move, people like to access the internet for numerous purposes; be that to shop, find information, book flights and so on. A critical part of that experience is the easiness with which one can find access, review or buy products and services. For businesses wanting to attract and convert, should focus on user experience which is vital to their success in generating revenue.

When it comes to developing and executing modern digital marketing strategies, UX is often neglected. Studies show that 79% of users search for another site if the one they landed on does not live up to their expectations. Building a great online reputation and investing in customer experience is now the main focus of businesses; so we have put together a list of reasons why looking after the company’s customer experience is important.

Improves customer satisfaction

Customer experience is the key to surpassing your customers’ expectations. Brands have to be accurate, reliable and provide the service they guaranteed. The opportunity lies in the ability to deliver what you promised and provide that extra care and support to your customers. A satisfied customer contributes more revenue than an unsatisfied customer. The main goal is to create a consistent CX across all touch points to exceed your and your customers’ standards. 

Turns new customers into loyal customers

Creating an experience really impresses buyers and ensures that they will keep doing business with you in the future. There are multiple things that impact a brand’s reputation and above all the way it responds to complaints that reflects the credibility of the brand. Customer service is an important part of developing brand loyalty, and the way you respond to unhappy consumers will determine what they say about you later. If their issues are dealt with correctly, then chances are they will become your loyal customers.

Increases customer advocacy

Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful tools a company can incorporate in their marketing strategies. These days’ people are now looking for third-party validation while making an online purchase. Thus customer advocacy plays a major role in creating amazing customer experiences and embodying the desire for your business to go above and beyond. Using user-generated content is an incredible way to engage customers, reinforce brand loyalty and endorse the brand to other potential consumers.


Helps you stand out from the competition

It is getting harder to distinguish a brand from other businesses as everyone is sharing the same content online. However, a company can achieve competitive advantage through great customer experience which is a perfect tool to help you stand out from your competitors. One of the best ways to do so is by being flawless, concise and accessible to your target audience. Embrace a customer-centric strategy, to engage a consumer who will become tomorrow’s brand advocates.

Builds trust & creates a personalized experience

Today’s buyers want businesses to treat them as a unique individual, and know their personal preferences and purchase history. Hence, this data can be used to create highly targeted messages to match customers’ individual preferences, which results in a more personalized experience. Personalized content makes your customers feel special and by doing so, you have a better chance at building trust with them.

Ideally, digital customer experience is all about a user-friendly website that cartels seamless navigation simplifying purchase journey, efficient customer support and mobile device compatibility. By combining these elements a business can embrace the new digital landscape, exceed customer expectations and improve the overall user experience. Businesses who effectively implement a customer experience strategy achieve greater customer satisfaction, less customer churn and increased revenues.


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