5 reasons to consider before developing a mobile application for your company 5 reasons to consider before developing a mobile application for your company
Author Sundew
Date August 22nd, 2018
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5 reasons to consider before developing a mobile application for your company

by Sundew

These days the scenario in which a business operates has become highly competitive which is why the industry leaders are continuously vying for ways to thrive in their sphere. Eyeing to make steady gains over time, they work diligently harnessing the power of technology along with prominent visuals. Research shows that the enterprise mobile app sector is expected to grow over $60 billion by 2020 and it also have a 3x higher readership level than the company intranet.

We all have heard about the impact of having mobile apps and how that is beneficial for businesses in making digital innovation. However, not everything is either said specifically as to why modern businesses should invest in building mobile apps. So here are the six best reasons to help you validate why mobile apps are imperative for the success of your business-

High user engagement

One of the main challenges business faces nowadays are to engage their customers.  Due to shrinking attention level, it is nearly difficult to grab the attention of the target customers. Thus business needs to find innovative ways to engage audience introducing user-friendly application development and target the right market to generate high ROI along with customer loyalty. 

Increase the chances of social sharing

The influences of social media mostly on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have increased the chance of having access to these sites through mobile phones.  Though mobile apps it’s easier to share or recommend products or services in social circles. Also, your brand would appear in the news feed of others when someone ‘likes’ your product. Research showed that about 66% customer’s purchase behavior is greatly influenced by social media so once you compel them to buy your products, direct them on your mobile app for a smooth payment gateway. 

Mobile apps provide a quick solution

Most big players in the tech/IT industry have realized the benefits of having a mobile app for their business so they focus on providing a seamless experience to its users.  Mobile apps allow the users to have all sorts of information on products, prices, news feeds just at the touch on mobile screens. A smooth interface of an application saves a lot of time of the user and if the speed is synchronized then you will surely win all the glory and retain visitors in your website. It is known to all of us that mobile app’s page load faster than that of a website opened from a browser on your mobile device.

Experience hassle-free purchase process

Due to the rise of mobile wallets and UPI payment apps, mobile payments are surging worldwide at a fast pace. Therefore to ease the process of purchase if you integrate these products into your mobile app it would certainly lead to a much higher conversion rate. 

Get customer feedback

Having a mobile app to record customer’s feedback will benefit you to gain deep insight into customers’ behavioral pattern which will help you to plan your campaigns effectively. This eliminates the need for conducting the manual surveys or getting reviews for your brand.

There are manifold ways businesses can leverage mobile apps to their advantage. You need to be present where your customers are for generating revenue and to mark your footprint in the evolving digital world.

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