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P.C. Chandra Jewellers

Bringing the Digital Touch to a brand with a legacy & heritage of over 8 Decades

P.C. Chandra Jewellers(PCC), an eighty years old jewellery brand in India, is a household name for both traditional weddings & contemporary designs, especially Bengali weddings from Eastern India. They are amongst the top jewellery brands in the country who bring us the legacy of handcrafted jewellery designs created by the finest craftsmen and artisans of Bengal.

PCC approached Sun Dew Solutions to rebuild and revamp their pre-existing e-commerce application with state-of-the-art UI



The transformation of the traditional brand to make a mark on the digital landscape was quite challenging and required detailed attention to every aspect. Given eight decades of legacy, PCC's inception into the digital space had to be as strong as their offline reputation

A stunning UI was required for visualization along with a crisp storyline for each section. This needed to be fortified with a fluent and secure backend, which would simplify management of multiple products, customers and orders.


E-commerce solution for a Jewelry Brand | Sun Dew Solutions
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Balancing the Rich Legacy

with changing digital landscape


The graphics, interface, and the product images handcrafted by us created a seamless and captivating User experience to provide a shopping experience similar to buying jewellery from the client's physical outlet.

This website has enabled PCC to reach out to their customers across multiple geographical boundaries, resulting in a significant increment in online sales.

Sun Dew Solutions continues to enhance the website to ensure the balance between PCC's rich heritage and the constantly changing digital landscape.