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Website redesigning to showcase architectural ingenuity

Based out of London in the UK, Grid specializes in designing compelling, intelligent, and purposeful buildings worldwide.

This award-winning architectural firm believes in merging creative ingenuity with practicality to maximize value for its clients and the ultimate occupants of their designed spaces. The requirements were very specific, and Sundew was commissioned to execute this project.


Giving architecture a different perspective through website redesigning

They needed a total revamp of their website to improve its efficiency and performance. Showcasing their latest projects aesthetically was another important requirement. To sum up, the website had to be uniquely designed, optimized for speed and responsiveness, and equipped with capabilities that could rebrand Grid’s architectural brilliance.

 The challenge was to design a website that could appropriately display Grid’s amazing ability to combine aesthetics with functionality and provide their large-scale customers with a great website experience.

This time we were dealing with a creative client genre. We had to innovate intensely to develop a web design that could technically match the brilliance it would showcase. After several sessions of idea bombing, we finalized a design that met client expectations.

Website Development for Real Estate Industry – Sundew

The project had its challenges but the  technical capabilities and forward thing of the web development team made this complex task simple, and they completed it within the promised time frame.

The launched website used compelling visual storytelling to accurately highlight the unique singularity of Grid’s architectural designs. Our success in rebranding Grid online has helped them gain diverse large-scale architectural projects since then.

By changing the narrative of Grid’s website, Sundew has given it a new insight. They can enhance their outreach by using their website to exhibit samples of their projects.