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Bringing the World of Food and Grocery at the Fingertips of the Digital Consumers

Located in the UK, the Founder and CEO of Foodinjoy has a mission of enabling sustainable retail in the food and grocery sector.

With the above goal in mind, Sun Dew Solutions was entrusted to create a bespoke mobile application to re-imagine grocery shopping and cooking for today’s digital consumers.


Combining elements of grocery intelligence, geo-location service, and machine learning, it was a challenging task to illustrate a new approach to bridge the fundamental knowledge gap that prevents sustainable retail.

We came up with a custom mobile solution with nimble UX, elegant design along with powerful features, and easy-to-navigate functionality. We also considered landing page creation for desktop and laptop users.

Bespoke Mobile Application Development for Sustainable Retail
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A custom Mobile Solution empowered by AI-driven decision support

The innovative platform ensures users are notified of the best dealsearn rewards, get easy and healthy recipes based on available ingredients and to top it all, a daily steps tracker for fitness.It is also a platform for the lesser-known grocery stores to register and embed their offerings to boost sales.

This application helps businesses monitor demand and optimize product assortment, provide recommendations to optimize supply chain and increase revenue through advanced demand planning.

Like Foodinjoy, Sun Dew Solutions also believes in using technology as a tool to improve the quality of life on Earth.