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Diadem Technologies Website

Transforming a Web Presence that Simplifies Cloud Infrastructure

Diadem Technologies,  an ISO 27001 Certified Company, is India’s leading cloud service and hybrid hosting solution provider, offering managed IAAS, PAAS, and DRaaS services for clients across the globe.

They consulted Sun Dew Solutions to handcraft an informative website to encapsulate their multiple services.


Diadem comes with a pool of services in the hosting and cloud infrastructure niche. So, building multiple pages, managing the back-end, front-end, crafting the interface, keeping an eagle-eye on all the technical aspects were indeed challenging. Additionally, the technical glitches of the pre-existing payment tracking system needed correction.

We took a holistic approach towards rebuilding their website by defining crisp, compact and precise contact in alignment with our clean and clear design concept.

Website Development for Cloud Infrastructure Service Provider
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Solution as a Catalyst for Firm Business Growth

The handcrafted website along with being an informative site also allows customers to purchase virtual space, cloud storage, all-in-one email marketing solution through seamless integration of payment gateway and tracking details detector.

This is an ideal showcase for the client's managed servers and managed services, that can deliver solutions addressing the latent needs of their customers, thus providing the key to staying ahead in this ever-evolving and competitive industry.

Sun Dew Solutions not only provides solutions that target client needs, but also helps them achieve bigger goals.