Sukanya Das


Sukanya is an adept HR professional with over a decade of experience in the IT and services industry. As the Director of Human Capital & Operations at Sundew, Sukanya develops and implements workforce planning strategies, overseeing screening and recruitment, as well as managing associate relations and benefits administration.

After completing her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Brand Merchandising from Western Michigan University, Sukanya exercised her skills in communication and employee relations as part of HR processes for global brands like Victoria’s Secret and American Eagle Outfitters contributing to optimizing team effectiveness.

At Sundew, her role as a Director involves implementing strategic initiatives in various facets of HR and business strategies and strengthening corporate relations through streamlined compensation and benefits. Her expert problem-solving skills continue to be a driving force behind fostering a dynamic and engaged workforce contributing to the organization’s success.

Sukanya specializes in Talent Management, Deferred Compensation, Executive Search, Succession Planning, and Strategy, forging effective collaborations for optimum team efficiency. Her proficient mentorship and lively personality have helped us maintain effective associate engagement, making a meaningful impact.

Sukanya is open to networking and connecting with professionals who share her passion for human resources, operations, and technology. If you are interested in collaboration, insightful discussions, or exploring opportunities within the HR and operations landscape, please feel free to reach out and create value together!