Pramod Kumar Pradhan

AVP - Projects & Delivery

Pramod is a methodical IT professional with a proven track record of 16+ years in IT delivery management and leadership. As the Associate Vice President at Sundew, Pramod has single-handedly led diverse technology projects through all phases of development and implementation, specializing in solution implementation.

His expertise in business strategy and a diverse project management experience across a myriad of technology domains have contributed to enhancing growth and competitiveness for global market players like Infosys. As an excellent communicator, he continues to leverage his technical, business, and financial acumen to effectively engage with client executives and their respective teams to facilitate effective collaboration.

Pramod holds a BSc in Mathematics from Utkal University and a Masters in Computer Application (MCA) from Biju Patnaik University & holds Post Graduate In Computer Application certificate from CIST. His education laid the foundation for his technological finesse and commitment to delivering high-quality outcomes for a global clientele base, comprising notable market players like Prime PMG, Jet Airways, Boubyan Bank, Huawei, Bridge Boffin, Hillenbrand, & Liberty Home Guard.

At Sundew, his role as the Associate Vice President encompasses implementing Agile and Waterfall project management methodologies to manage large project teams efficiently and tackle the intricacies of IT delivery and solution implementation with elan.

He brings in an extensive skill set comprising various aspects of project management and leadership, including Project Scheduling, Requirement and ROI Analysis, Costing & Budgeting, Cross-Functional Supervision, Business and IT planning, Database Design (RDBMS), and Custom Software Development, for high-quality project completion surpassing established timelines and budgetary targets. His technical proficiency encompasses hands-on experience of diverse technologies, databases, and languages, including .Net, Javascript, XML, PHP, SMAC, LAMP, Xamarin, MySql, SQL Server, and Oracle.

Pramod is committed to driving innovation, fostering team excellence, and delivering impactful results in the dynamic world of IT. He is always open to connecting with like-minded professionals, exploring new opportunities, and engaging in discussions on technology, project management, and business strategies. If you share similar aspirations or have an interest in connecting, feel free to reach out.