Arnab Mukherjee


Arnab is a results-driven professional with a wealth of experience in project management and delivery. As the Director of Projects and Delivery at Sundew, he leads teams and orchestrates successful outcomes for our esteemed clients.

Throughout his career, he's had the privilege of contributing to leading organizations such as PwC, IBM, and Wipro. These experiences have not only shaped his expertise in project management and technology solutions but have also ingrained in him the values of precision, adaptability, and client-centricity.

His diverse verification credentials, including Certified SAFe® 5 Agilist and IBM Agile Advocate, bear testimony to his project management credentials poised to drive success and lead organizations towards their goals.

At Sundew, his role as a Director involves aligning projects with strategic business objectives, optimizing processes, and ensuring the on-time delivery of projects. Collaborating with diverse teams and stakeholders fuels his drive to innovate and foster a culture of excellence.

His skill set encompasses project planning, risk management, resource optimization, and effective stakeholder communication—critical elements that enable him to navigate intricate projects and deliver tangible, transformative results. His passion lies in leveraging innovative technologies and methodologies to streamline operations and drive exceptional value for organizations.

He is always open to connecting and exploring opportunities for collaboration, networking, or engaging in insightful discussions surrounding project management, technology, and business strategies. Feel free to reach out, and let's connect to create value together!