Tips to reduce high bounce rates for your website Tips to reduce high bounce rates for your website
Author Sundew
Date September 11th, 2018
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Tips to reduce high bounce rates for your website

by Sundew

When visitors are coming on a website, they expect to get all the relevant information about your services within 4-5 seconds. So in that little timeframe, the website should tell them about your offers, else they will leave. The rate or percentage of visitors that leave a site without viewing any other pages is termed as the bounce rate.  So a Website design can be improved to reduce the bounce rate, increasing the likelihood of visitors to convert into leads.

The average bounce rates through websites are about 49%. That being said, the bounce rate that one should aim for if they are into an e-commerce website should be lower as the site is selling products not exchanging ideas.  Shoot to land between the 10-40%, apparently the lower the better.

High bounce rates are the prominent sign that the company is losing their potential customers. While many factors can be involved, a common one is the design of a customized website. To reduce the bounce rate and retain more visitors on the website, try implementing these few tips:

Focus on UI and UX

Generally, users’ experience includes a visitor’s feeling and easy navigation while they are interacting with your website. Creating a user-friendly site that looks great across all platforms and devices is the first step in the direction. Observe prudently how your users behave and what influences their purchase decisions. Remember it is the comprehensive feeling a user experience while using your website, so the whole thing is part of the user experience. So, UI and UX have a major role to retain your target audience.

Use intelligent Pop-ups

Popups often create a negative image of your brand and readers who are visiting the website gets annoyed when pop-ups arise every now and then. Various surveys show that 50% of users leave the website when popups come up resulting in increased bounce rates. So, be wise while deciding on the type of pop-ups one needs to employ in the website development. Consider how the user's first impression will be. Will it annoy them or will it be just what they need! Focus on the right timing and message which will compel the user to take action without being invasive.

Amplify your CTA placement

Majority of the users decide whether or not they like a website in the first couple of seconds. One of the reasons your TG might bounce from a landing page is because there wasn’t a CTA button inviting them to take further action. Optimize the landing page and describe what you are selling to make the call- to -action clear and intriguing. Messages saying “Get Offer,” “Start today,” or “Learn More,” triggers interest among the users and make them click and get directed to another page of the website. 

Reduce Web Page loading time

Slow loading time of pages is the reason for visitors abandoning your site without interacting with it. Thus one gets lesser than 60 seconds to get their message across to the user and leave them feeling educated. If your business can achieve this, social interaction will increase in turn decreasing your bounce rate further.

Ensure that your website is responsive

These days having a responsive website is essential because most of the target audience visit websites on their mobile devices. In fact, Google now penalizes business whose websites aren’t responsive. Ensuring your website is mobile friendly will not only save one from getting in trouble with Google, but it can also improve the high bounce rates. 

Above all else, keep your strategy simple with the goal of bringing your desired customer the finest experience on your site.  By following these tips you’ll be on your way to reducing your website bounce rate and enhancing your SEO! 

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