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Staff Augmentation Benefits Staff Augmentation Benefits
Author Sun Dew Solutions
Date March 15th, 2016
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Staff Augmentation Benefits

by Sun Dew Solutions

When you have a specific budget, a tight schedule or a new business opportunity to capitalize on, then you need to have the right people at the right time to get the jobs done satisfactorily. Even the easiest of jobs need the right personnel to get them done because otherwise they might become daunting tasks. A poorly staffed company will never be able to do a tough, time-critical job commendably. Thus you need to opt for Staff Augmentation to meet your project goals within time.

Why this? Why not hire more full-time employees that serve for the long haul? This is simply because you might not even need them for the long haul, once the immediate job is done. That is why you need to augment your existing staff effectively, so that when the job’s done you can easily let go of the human resources without much hassle. Many companies outsource this augmentation responsibility to other companies.

Here are the 5 key benefits of using Staff Augmentation for your business:

Lesser Costs

There is no point paying employees year-round if the same employees are relevant to your business for only less than a year. If you only keep on employing full-time professionals in your organization, even when you don’t actually need them full-time, then you would be facing a lot of losses in the short term as well as the long term. Through Staff Augmentation you can hire employees for the time you need them, serve your interests, and then pay them exactly for the time that they have served, thus reducing business wastes to a large degree and not end up paying up people for being unproductive.


The ultimate mantra for business success is being more flexible rather than powerful. You have to look at this aspect to remain successful, and not just successful, but survive in business. This would ensure you remain ahead of the game and are able to respond more productively to an ever-changing market scenario. With the help of Staff Augmentation, you’ll be able to achieve all this more easily. You’ll be able to use human resources to the optimal level possible because you can have tremendous flexibility in leveraging staff augmentation, thus being able to intensify your staff’s work output at every stage of a product development cycle, and whenever you want. This flexibility would ensure quality and timely success for all your projects.


Through Staff Augmentation you can completely control who is doing what work; who gets delegated to do the minor tasks and who are leading the charge in your most important and pressing projects. You get to maintain control over each and every step in the entire product development cycle, even though you get Staff Augmentation services from another company and hire remotely but get it managed at their end.

Lesser Risks

Staff Augmentation is a less risky way of getting your job done rather than opting for full-blown Outsourcing. If you hand over everything to an outsourcer, then you would be giving up a lot more power, control and oversight than you ought to. But that is not to say, that complete outsourcing simply never benefits. It does. But that element of risk still remains. With Staff Augmentation that risk is minimized. By increase your existing staff remotely you can still keep things in-house even though another company would be managing the whole staff hiring and managing process.

Managed Attrition

If you hire Staff Augmentation services then no matter what the attrition rate in your company you would be still able to gather human resources as and when you need them, and therefore never fall short of staff at any point of time to meet your project goals. If you solely depend upon hiring full-time employees to combat attrition in your company, then getting the right resources at the right time, or rather in short notice, would become a lot more difficult for you. You must also keep in mind that in an improving economy, attrition actually increases because people switch jobs more readily and more confidently. And therefore, you need to be even more careful about employee retention when your business is doing well. Getting Staff Augmentation services would actually give you the leverage to fight such attrition crises, because you can remotely hire skilled people at short notice far more easily, rather than going the whole hog to find full-time employees.

Hence opting for Staff Augmentation services would definitely benefit your business profoundly as you would feel much freer, less burdened with staffing responsibilities and therefore, capable of investing that saved time and energy on earning a bigger ROI for every investment you make in your business. And remotely managed Staff Augmentation is actually one of those wiser investments that you can make.

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