Remote Working Cannot Be Less Productive If You Follow These 4 Tips Remote Working Cannot Be Less Productive If You Follow These 4 Tips
Author Sundew
Date March 25th, 2020
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Remote Working Cannot Be Less Productive If You Follow These 4 Tips

by Sundew

#1: Work according to a Routine

A lot of people nurture a mindset that they do not need a routine while working from home. This thought needs to be reversed as it is only the workplace that has shifted. Neither your job role nor your tasks have been altered. Even you have to take added responsibilities in this work mode. Why? Because, besides your official post, you have to play the role of your manager. So, structure your day that has a resemblance to your office day routines.

  • Wake up at the same time

Try to wake up at the same time. Yes, you get the chance to skip the commuting time. But you can utilize the saved time by doing exercise, scrolling some industry news, or preparing a healthy breakfast. These help you installing the right mindset to get ready for the long working hours.

  • Dress up properly

No need to wear the formal dresses you put on while going to the office. But taking off your nightwear and pajamas and wearing some semi-formal or casual wears help you tuning on to the ‘work’ mode. Besides, if your job role demands repeated video calls with clients, your attire must reveal your professionalism and seriousness about your work even if you are in the home.

  • Select a dedicated workspace

Finding a dedicated workspace sets the right mood to work. Rather than loafing on the couch or your bed, place your laptop at a desk or set in a specific workstation to work.

  • Identify your most productive time & work accordingly

Seize the meaty projects when your energy and concentration stay at the ebbs. Crack through the complicated tasks in your most productive period and when you are in the right headspace. Utilize the morning hours when there are fewer distractions to work for the bread-earners of your company. Keep aside the lethargic hours to deal with the easier ones that come to your plate.


#2: Chalk out a detailed plan

When you are working from home, you cannot mishandle the projects or aimlessly work. You must have a detailed plan for the entire week and schedule your work accordingly for a particular day. You can also estimate how long each work will take to get finished. Then you can determine your next course of action.

Moreover, a chalked-out plan helps you to track your progress constantly. You can find the loopholes of the plan if anything doesn’t work according to the plan and inform the project managers.

Setting your daily goals helps you shape the entire project and understand your role in it. Overall, it will ultimately lead to a clearer picture to achieve the best result for your business.


#3: Communication is the key in remote working

One of the main hurdles in remote working is miscommunication. This is the last thing you expect now with abundant platforms like Skype, Flock, Zoho, Hangouts, Lightshot, Loom, Micro, etc to have streamlined communication with your team. Besides, in remote working, you also need to access social networking sites to ping certain urgent information to your team members.

When do you need to communicate with your team constantly? 

  • You have been assigned some daily tasks by your project managers. So, you need to send the work updates to him and the other fellow mates who are working on the same project.
  • In case, your daily plan gets changed suddenly due to some other urgent work with higher priorities or you have to put your work on hold for some other technical error, you need to inform this to the teammates and the project coordinator.
  • In the office, when you get stuck with some issues, you have the chance to instantly get up with the project heads to fix them. But in remote working, you have to contact others over email, phone, or chat to get them solved.


#4: Wrap up your work to log off timely

Besides face to face communication, another thing that can sting you is your laziness. Remote working does provide certain flexibility, but you need to maintain the regular working hours. You also need to log off within a particular time just as you logged in.

Remember, that your productivity, as well as efficiency, might go down if you start working late and continue with the same project late in the evenings.

Late deliverance of your work is a bad practice and it expresses less professionalism. When you are organizing your work, be mindful of the fact that you may need extra time in remote working mode to contact the colleagues and the seniors. Try to plan your daily work schedule to see what works best for you in remote work and how productive you can be during a regular workday!

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