Re-imagining Digital Presence Let your business prosper even in a crisis Re-imagining Digital Presence Let your business prosper even in a crisis
Author Sundew
Date August 13th, 2020
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Re-imagining Digital Presence Let your business prosper even in a crisis

by Sundew

The sudden disappearance of traditional and physical interaction poses significant challenges. Many businesses are still trying to find their feet online while others are looking to polish and revamp their digital strategy to meet changing demands caused by the biggest shift in business model and consumer behavior the millennials have seen in their lifetime. With the catastrophic turn of the global pandemic, everything has come to a standstill. The businesses have to deal with the inevitable cost savings, but more importantly, now, they must stand firm on keeping a strong digital presence. Those brands that invest in maintaining or increasing their digital presence during economic downturns will benefit once the situation returns to normalcy. 

Videos & Showreels: Powerful Digital Solutions for the new ‘interaction-craving’ world!

Videos should be your new voice to reach out to the world. Youtube has switched the default setting to SD streaming to ease internet usage. You cannot get a better opportunity to create brand awareness through visual messages than now when a quarter of the global population is stuck at home and bored.

Confront the Audience: As social distance eliminates the real-life interaction, utilize video to meet your audience face-to-face, understand them, talk to them, generate trust, and build a connection with them. Conduct a live video session to answer their queries in real-time, and have topical discussions. You can also or bring pre-recorded video events to share your achievements and let your new prospects know your milestone.

Live Demonstration of your offerings: Are you planning to launch a new product or service soon? As you cannot organize an event to showcase your offerings, you can leverage digital tools to provide a live demonstration on how to use your service or a virtual look at your product.

Podcast it or Make it a Webinar: Though these mediums are not new, they are lifesavers in the current situation when it is indispensable to serve everything digitally. Consider your niche, what information will meet the problems of your audience, and circulate the information through a multi-step guide after zeroing in on the most suitable medium.

Search Engine Optimization: Empower Online Visibility for Organic Conversion

On the bright side, traffic conversion has not halted in many industries, even during the prolonged lockdown period. Rather, social isolation has triggered a huge demand for certain products and services. For instance, search demands for services such as electrical goods, e-learning, home essential supplies have skyrocketed over the last few months.

According to a senior SEO manager of a digital marketing agency, “A lot of people still contact companies during work hours, and that is not going to change just because they are home.” 

Luckily, most people are glued to their smartphones, or laptops which results in around 60% increase in search traffic. So, this is high time to strengthen your online visibility by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to climb the top and secure your position in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). In this wavering circumstance, new search terms are making their debut. The smart brands have already started targeting those new trending search terms, which will benefit them in increasing their online visibility in the long run. 

For example, a Sports brand has channelized their marketing content to target some related booming search-demand like ‘home exercise’ and related phrases.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Strategy: Intelligent Move in the Less Competitive Period

Do you know? Cost-per-click has decreased by 5-6%! Many businesses are pulling down and panic-pausing the investment on PPC with immediate effect during the ongoing crisis. Due to the cost reduction and less competition, small businesses, and startups (that hold strong and don’t panic pause) can capture traffic and conversions in return for much cheaper click rates.

Even an American multinational e-commerce giant has stopped paid activity in recent times. This move has left more opportunities for smaller e-commerce retailers that earlier struggled to compete to reach their potential buyers.

As per a new survey conducted by Clutch, 45 % of small businesses are now running Pay-Per-Click campaigns, while 86% of them pair it with SEO. 

Humanizing Digital Presence in Social Media

The grievances of this global pandemic have been cruel to our stabilized lifestyle as we have been locked up in our home for months, kids cannot go to school, workplaces have been temporarily closed, we cannot meet our friends or socialize with people. In this vulnerable time, businesses should be sensitive in their digital platforms for the audience, who are scanning for updates and staying connected in an isolated world.

People need information, resources, and also entertainment. Social media is a powerful tool to humanize your brand by utilizing it correctly.

  • Make sure to post relevant news
  • Maintain quick response times
  • Announce key information and press releases
  • Do campaigns for discounts, giveaways, and community support

Blog: Ideate new topics and ideas by evaluating the high volume search terms 

Depending on your niche, you must update the blog or news page of your company with relevant information during the COVID-19 crisis. Use Search Console, Google trends, or other keyword tools to monitor the changes in search behavior; it is indeed an effective way to understand how consumer interest is shifting by evaluating the keywords and high volume search topics related to your business. This will give you a hit list of potential blog topics to write. Moreover, you can also dive deep into old content audits such as updating old blogs, link audits, undertake technical audits like site speed or log files, etc. Also, do not forget to analyze if all your web pages are accessible or not, contains updated information so the visitors can get everything they need.

Re-Imagine Email Marketing: Don’t let your email subscribers unsubscribe you!

What about your email newsletters? Hope, you have an email subscribers list. Start communicating with them with news and updated at regular intervals; take your brand into your customers’ inboxes! Though some brands are struggling to find a strong voice in this uncertainty, some brands are sending supportive emails with a peppering of much-needed humour. Let’s take a look at how some smart brands are handling the recent events with thoughtful emails that offer love and support:

A Home décor Superstore accommodates customers with curbside pickup during isolation. In the Email template, they announced store closure for the public and also curbside pickup availability of the customers who need new desks and chairs for remote working.

 An American Pharmacy store empowers its customers and employees to feel comfortable staying at home. In an email template, they announce that they will support their needs with drive-thru shopping, free shipping on prescriptions, and essentials, and telephone services for clinic and pharmacy specialists.

Be hopeful! A pandemic should be a temporary turmoil for your operations. Normalcy does return soon, and you don’t want to be left behind your competitors in the race. As we are at the threshold of the new digital world, make sure that you reconstruct your business to stay at the fingertip of your customers. Think about how you can implement better digital strategies to connect with the community meaningfully.

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