Preorder as a Duty Free Business Driver Preorder as a Duty Free Business Driver
Author Sundew
Date August 10th, 2016
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Preorder as a Duty Free Business Driver

by Sundew

Most duty free shops today are opting to provide the pre-ordering facility to travelers in order to enhance and grow their businesses to a new level, because this has turned out to be a very helpful initiative for the travelers, and therefore, quite a lucrative success story for the duty free businesses as a whole. In this scheme, travelers are given the ease to book different items online and then collect them from the duty-free shops before leaving the foreign country they are in.

The Benefits of Pre-ordering

1. Pre-ordering items allows customers to easily browse through the duty-free shop websites, go through the available product lists, view every product, read their descriptions and view detailed images before placing an order. While traveling through international airports, the items can be collected on the customer’s travelling date or sometimes even home delivered.

2. Travelers can always be benefitted while buying pre-ordered goods since they provide various attractive offers and coupons which can be browsed and booked as required.

3. Travelers get cheaper rates of products at duty-free shops than what they get at the general stores in a foreign country, since the products sold at duty free shops are sold exclusive of taxes. Furthermore, some duty-free shops also provide various items like tobacco, perfumes, make-up products, sunglasses etc. at even cheaper rates, if the customers opt to pre-order them.

4. For travelers who haven’t had the time to browse through necessary duty free items at the airports or for those who have had to rush in order to catch a connecting flight, they can easily use the pre-ordering facility to their advantage, book items on the go and collect them right before they leave foreign soil. Also, people who prefer to rather spend their layover time getting lunch or doing other activities than shopping for duty free items, can pre-order the items and collect them later on from duty-free stores according to their convenience.

5. To ensure travelers get the perfect gifts and souvenirs for their loved ones, pre-ordering websites offer a wide variety of options to choose from.

There is only one downside of pre-ordering duty-free objects and that is, you cannot feel, observe or evaluate the products physically before placing the order. But this is hardly an inconvenience these days, when online shopping has become such a common phenomenon. The availability of extensive product information, clear observable product pictures from all sides, reliable user reviews etc. compensate for that drawback and people happily go on booking and buying things online rather than travelling to the shops to buy them in person.

However, one very important thing needs to be kept in mind while buying items from duty free shops. You cannot get too carried away and end up buying more objects than would be permissible for you to take out of the foreign country that you are in, or to take inside the country that you’ll be going to next, which can be your own country or anywhere else. So you need to know about all those relevant rules and then pre-order or buy duty free objects accordingly. If however, you’re still allowed to go ahead with all those objects that you had bought exceeding the limit, you would have to pay heavy fines for that. So it’s best to shop wisely and enjoy the merits of pre-ordering duty free objects with prudence.

Undoubtedly, pre-ordering is a time-saving, cost-saving and simplistic method of buying duty free products online, and it definitely provides the luxury of shopping on the go in these days of breakneck traveling. Hence, it is destined to revolutionize the travel retail industry even more in the forthcoming years.

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