Mobile Applications as an Integral Part of Today's Business Model Mobile Applications as an Integral Part of Today's Business Model
Author Sundew
Date August 10th, 2016
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Mobile Applications as an Integral Part of Today's Business Model

by Sundew

Mobile phones and tablets have opened new doors into the realm of doing business. Now you can reach out to your customers much more easily than ever before and in many numbers! Here is where Mobile Applications come in and they are popularly called just Apps. These pieces of software represent the new age technology that we as businesses can use to our great advantage because they can be easily loaded into portable devices like mobile phones, tabs etc. so that customers can use them to contact us, buy our products and services at any time, on the go, anywhere in the world.

True, the same can be done by accessing our business websites via those portable devices as well, but Mobile Apps have a definite advantage over websites by being more precise in addressing certain needs in a shorter span of time, thus being much more convenient for the customers when they need particular things. That is why they are so popular today and businesses have recognized their immense usefulness and importance, to finally hanker after creating cool and convenient apps that improve customer experience and upgrade the company’s Brand Image. When this happens, the existing customers would spread Good Word of Mouth about the company and win new customers for the business, thus effectively doing the company’s work. So basically, Mobile Applications play a big role in the Modern Business Model of today.

Why does a business need to have its own Mobile App(s) to thrive?

1. Customer Engagement

One of the best things about mobile channels is that they give companies the potential to engage with their customers on a real-time basis, know about their current location, get their full profile information, and therefore better understand how to serve them. In this way, there is every possibility of turning those engaged customers into revenue generating ones. Furthermore, apps also include social sharing capabilities, allowing consumers to share information and updates with friends on social networks instantly. Whether they are retail, e-commerce or any other kinds of businesses, such profound customer engagement through apps benefits them all.

2. Customer Service and Support

What can be a better customer service than providing your customers with simpler platforms to contact you, buy your products and use your services at anytime, anywhere, while on the move or while at rest? Apps are exactly those simpler platforms that streamline a business’ outreach and support towards its customers. For example, if a customer wants to book a cab online quickly, then he would not like to wait for the whole website to load and then search in the website where to place the order and then finally book the cab. He would like to directly reach that area where the booking can be done instantly and within a few taps. That’s exactly what an app allows him to do. It’s a separate piece of software that when downloaded onto your portable device would serve a particular function, in this case allowing you to book cabs instantly.

3. Promotion

Any kind of promotional activity through apps can be beneficial as apps are very popular amongst internet users. So your brand will get exposure easily. Furthermore, if you offer excellent discount deals or coupons through apps, they can attract even the stingiest of consumers to be your customers, because who doesn’t love to save some money while buying anything! Nowadays, every day, companies offer intriguing deals to lure their customers into purchasing more and more products online. And moreover, promoting on an app platform is as good as physically showcasing your products in a showroom. Promoting offers through apps, also gives the additional benefit of informing the customers about where and for what duration those offers are valid and ready to be used.

4. Smooth Selling Online

Selling online is now the new mantra and if you get your own app made then that operation can take place more smoothly in the virtual world than in real life, and customers can also get the flexibility to buy products online while on the go. Previously they would have had to depend on websites and PCs to make online purchases and would be stuck in the place where the PC would be. Furthermore, Mobile Apps use easy and secure payment methods like Paypal, Paytm that make online buying and selling absolutely hassle-free for the customers.

5. Branding

Branding is the most useful benefit a business can get out of a Mobile App. Whenever a user swipes his smartphone and sees the enterprise logo of the app that he uses, he is reminded time and time again of what brand he uses and thus he is prone to spread that word among his immediate circle of acquaintances, thus doing an automatic branding exercise for the enterprise without even knowing. A Good Word of Mouth means GOLD for any business. It is simply indispensable! A resourceful business Mobile App leads to more app downloads, an increasing user base and much greater sales prospects than ever before. Mobile App Development has changed the dynamics of how the digital world works today and has brought mobile phones to the forefront in doing business online. Companies are getting great turnovers by utilizing these Mobile Apps and we can indeed say that Mobile App Development has transformed the way business is done today irrespective of what product and service line is followed.

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