Interactive Web Design A Tool to Connect with B2B Clients during Social Distancing Interactive Web Design A Tool to Connect with B2B Clients during Social Distancing
Author Sundew
Date August 13th, 2020
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Interactive Web Design A Tool to Connect with B2B Clients during Social Distancing

by Sundew

In a new world, where ‘social distance’ is the new existence style, meeting clients face-to-face might become a thing of the past. That does not mean you need to fix the final nail in the coffin. Web design is the universal language and medium through which you can interact with your potential clients more convincingly. For many B2B companies, web design is the most promising tool when it comes to engaging and building relationships with prospects and leads. You must know that unlike B2C sales, B2B companies hardly expect immediate conversions from the very first time any prospect visits their website. Instead, B2B conversion comes from the fruition of multiple interactive sessions with clients through various channels. Hence, the Web design of the B2B websites must be interactive, engaging, informative, and persuasive.


The better your B2B website user experience is, the more your brand attracts organic search traffic, which gets converted into quality leads.

First, your web designers must be aware of:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What are the company's goals and how will the website design meet them?
  • What makes the website design different from competitors?
  • How do you want prospects to perceive your website?

Captivating videos: Time to replace the Boring “About Us”

Visual content works as a trump card particularly in the time when people are craving for interaction. You can share your journey, your struggle, and your vlogs, webinars, and workshop experiences with the existing clientele to generate brand loyalty.

  • 84% of consumers surveyed were persuaded to avail of a service or buy a product after watching a video.
  • 97% of video marketers reported that video increased user understanding of a service or a product.
  • 76% of the ‘product or service usage understanding video helped to increase sales.
  • A video on the landing page can escalate conversions by more than 80%.

A full-service digital agency in Seoul leverages captivating videography to emphasize their content of “who they are” as a company. It's a great alternative to bid goodbye to the worn-out “about us” content that can bore your visitor. Video is the most engaging way to tell your story, and their homepage is a great example.

Interactive Animation: Redefine the Brand Storytelling

Nothing can beat animation to hold your clientele’s attention and decrease the bounce rates.  They reflect a rich visual story while guiding the users through the interface of the website.

An Israel-based development company with a primary aim of making the web interface interactive with innovative technologies is redefining interactive web design. Once you first click onto their site, you meet an animation that dances around depending on your cursor and changes its view angle. While you are busy playing with its movement, the site explains the organization’s features, services, and how their product works. Brilliant!

A leading business intelligence software provider in the USA uses animation to illustrate the benefit their clients can get using their software.  This is a fun design to grab attention and introduce the product and services to the user through a story.

How will your prospects prefer using your Interface? Interactive web design must align with its answer.


Here comes the importance of building relationships with your target audience and stepping into their shoes. You must understand the buyer personas, their pain points. With more touch-based devices taking hold of the market every day, you need to think about how your target audience generally uses your interface. People navigate through a website in two ways- directly interact with the interface elements (Swiping a card, Tapping a button, drag and drop an item with a touch) and indirectly interact with the external UI elements (Using shortcuts and key commands, pointing and clicking with the cursor of the mouse). If your audience has limited manual dexterity, then you should avoid implementing the swiping option. Whereas, if your target users are mainly coders or writers, you should work on the common keyboard shortcuts to minimize their time with the mouse as they primarily use the keyboard to interact with the interface elements.

Minimalist Design: Less is more, for Greater Impact

The minimalist design conveys less is more messages which wave off chaos in web designing. This minimalist approach improves user experience and leaves a greater impact on them with less yet strong statements. Moreover, it cuts down the load time and improves readability. A data site based in San Francisco, London, and New York that connects ideas with interesting data connections, showcases a perfect example of this web design approach by using little text, bold fonts in typographies to draw more attention to the message.

Design for Personalized Interaction: Make your clients feel special

Interaction is a smart way to generate interest in the clients. Launch more interactive design ideas and implement them on your website. With each positive interaction, the prospects consider a little more about your brand. Bespoke interactive online experiences like games, interactive modules, questions both engage users and make your website stand out. Quizzes let you find out more about your customer, eventually making clients feel that their preferences and requirements are valued.

Call-to-Action in the introductory space of Home page: Take the visitors straight to the point

Place a clean, simple; call-to-action button in the introductory space that reveals that you do not want to waste your user’s time by presenting lengthy ‘About us’, ‘company profile’, ‘services or product features’ to read first. It is good for your busy clients to be directed straight to where they exactly need to land on.

A leading web development and software company implements a giant call-to-action button designed in the “first fold” on their homepage to convert their visitors into leads. It looks like an invitation for the visitors to explore a creative future which is only a click away.

A digital presentation platform located in San Francisco, Canada, uses an intriguing line to get people interested in what they have to offer. Just after this warm-up, they intelligently placed the C-T-A button to prompt the visitors to make a determined and quick action.

Mistakes-anticipating Website Design: Provide a Better User Experience

People tend to commit mistakes when using your site. The users get irritated when they accidentally click the “Next” button before filling up all the required information or mistakenly leave some sections unanswered. It erases most of the earlier information and they have to start filling up the entire form all over again. You can avoid this irritating user experience with some interactive design elements that can prevent this kind of mistake. 

  • Inactive buttons to prompt the users to check for missed information
  • Pop-ups asking confirmation of the user’s action
  • Notifications about the unmatched passwords
  • Elements reminding the improper entry of the user’s email id

Website Interactivity is indeed an important element for B2B web design. This interactive design proves fruitful for the companies as they are helping to provide answers to the prospects and guide them in taking their buying decision which leads to a sale.

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