Generating ROI How can your website maximize Return on Investment? Generating ROI How can your website maximize Return on Investment?
Author Sundew
Date August 13th, 2020
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Generating ROI How can your website maximize Return on Investment?

by Sundew

In the commercial world, any investment you make should generate some sort of positive return. Investing on your new website is no way different! In an age, when everything is shifting online, your website is one of the assets to pave the way for success and drive visitors. Unfortunately, people sometimes go for cheap and age-old features for their business website due to budget constraints and end up deteriorating the business ROI. Focus on suitable design elements, functionalities, and optimized content make your online marketing fruitful, and finally, increase sales.  

So, how will you generate more ROI? What measures do you need to take? Let’s delve deep into how you can drive ROI for your website

Drawing new visitors: Bet on SEO and updated content strategy

A website with a scalable and robust design should draw new visitors. With more marketing reach in the form of Search engine optimization and updated content strategy, your website can increase the number of people landing on your website. Marketing campaigns and social media promotions also result in a spike in new visitors.

An online retailer of consumer electronics and hand-held devices earns 172% ROI and increases 10% of the company’s site traffic. The mobile device accessory provider in the United States publishes 25 to 35 posts each week targeting their tech-savvy audience. They produce content that is shareable, trending, and also promotes its product range. Using news articles, entertaining content, how-to’s, promotional content, and also social media to promote their posts, they achieved the following milestone. 

  • 173% ROI increase through the blogs
  • Their Blog draws 12% of the site traffic
  • 60% of blog traffic generated from new visitors

Existing Customer Retention: Resource Library is valuable to retain old customers

Enrich your newly launched website with a resource library that covers blogs and case studies. This is a trump card to retain your existing customers by encouraging them to utilize your website as a resource. Even if they are not availing of your service, they can keep an eye on your newly launched products, or services, and stay aware of new developments at your end. Hence, updating your resource with a valuable informational blog (that your target audience looks for), and case studies will help you hold on to your existing customers.

A large percentage of repeat visitors reflect that your website contains such valuable content that it prompts the visitors to come back to skim through what’s new to learn and utilize from your resource repository. The ratio of new customers to existing customers must be healthy. With the inclusion of trending informational content, allow subscribers to sign up for monthly or weekly blog recap, and adopt social media promotion to attract new visitors.

Streamline the Navigation:  Make your web design purposeful and curb the bounce rate

You should never confuse your website visitors, with alien icons and confusing design elements that they will avoid clicking on. The motto of your web site design must be simple, clear, and purposeful for your audience. It is better to stick to certain common icons like the hamburger icon for the menu, bell icons that indicate notification, and cart icons for shopping.

The people must understand the meaning of all the elements you have used to frame the website pages and feel comfortable navigating through the page. It must be easy and less time-consuming for the people to find the information they require, otherwise, they will leave your site. As a result, it increases the bounce rate as well as leaves a negative impact on ROI.

Research shows that “If visitors cannot find what they are in search of or cannot figure out how to navigate a site within 8 seconds, most of the cases, they leave that site!”

Optimize the content on your site: Informational, easy to read, helpful to solve the visitor’s problem

  • Content Optimization

If your business works in specific locations or your services are designed for people of specific countries, then you must optimize the content by targeting those particular countries and cities.

  • Informational and helpful content

The content in your site must be informational, addressing the problems faced by your niche audience and also covering the solutions.

The largest coffeehouse in the world, headquartered in Washington has always been innovative with its marketing by catering to every need of its customers. One of their most innovative customer retention moves is their Mobile Order & Pay feature within their app. Because of it, customers can order coffee before they check into the outlet. The simplest takeaway here is this: make your services as easy-accessible as possible. Identify the requirements and behaviors of your customers and provide tailor-made solutions that empower them. In this smart way, they have not only retained their existing customers but also engage new ones that lead to boosting ROI by leaps and bounds.

  • Easy to read

People usually avoid reading long blocks of text. On the contrary, the same text, if it is broken by small paragraphs, bullet points, charts, and graphs, it is easy to be scanned by the readers. It increases readability, which also contributes to generating ROI.

Smart Conversion: Convert your visitors into leads with engaging activities

Though drawing visitors to your site is the initial and crucial step, the ultimate aim is turning the prospects into leads. Your website must function professionally. With engaging design or layout, (like filling out a contact form, email details form to send notifications, estimate form, and requesting a resource), it can interact with the visitors and convince them to avail of your service. For example, a website that is designed and articulated in an engaging way performs a better rate of conversions than a poorly designed site. Therefore, a website that gets 100 visitors a day, a 2% increase in conversion rate means 60 more leads a month!

Enhance Brand Equity: Use your Website as a ‘qualifying tool’ to attract prospects

Brand reputation itself is powerful enough to drive more ROI. If you focus on establishing your brand value and leave a footprint in your work, the website will be proved as a qualifying tool. Whenever you reach out to your prospects or send a proposal letter, the first thing they do is visit your website to evaluate the legitimacy of your business. Hence, without a properly designed website, you may lose countless opportunities to attract potential clients as well as generate ROI

A multinational shoe, clothing, and accessories manufacturer, headquartered in Germany, is on a journey to shift from marketing efficiency to marketing effectiveness to drive ROI in return for the brand building expense. The company utilizes performance-driven e-commerce sales for this.  Besides, it was their brand equity that also contributed to generating 65% of wholesale and retail sales.

A world-renowned wildlife observation hotspot in the Peruvian Amazon, on its website, uses compelling sales landing pages, downloadable e-books, editorial planning, PR & outreach, and paid amplification. These increased unique visitors by 165%, immediately across all revenue KPIs, email subscription by 661%, which helped reach a 56% return on investment within four weeks. 

So, how is your website performing? Are you getting sufficient ROI from your website? Or do you think it needs to be redesigned and the content needs to be revamped to generate a steady Return on Investment? We are open to discussion and can provide you with the optimal solution to meet your requirements!

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