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Emerging, Unpredictable, Breakthroughs – The era of Digital Transformation Emerging, Unpredictable, Breakthroughs – The era of Digital Transformation
Author Ananya Ghosh
Date December 26th, 2018
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Emerging, Unpredictable, Breakthroughs – The era of Digital Transformation

by Ananya Ghosh

In today’s digital world, organizations need to transform their business operations to stay up-to-date in order to gain an edge over the competition. Big data, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computation play a vital role in the digital transformation journey, which society will witness in the coming years.

 We are approaching into a more holistic digital transformation era which revolves around a thread of data, data analytics and Artificial Intelligence to be laced together to change and innovate the world of Information Technology. This transition is steered with a strong need to deliver a transformative experience across various segments like Service, Retail, Banking, FMCG, Manufacturing, Entertainment and many more. We are already observing a myriad application of Artificial Intelligence across few of these industries like in Media & Entertainment, automotive and in Healthcare industry. From identifying a disease, personalizing treatments to self-driving cars and Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing, AI is rapidly marking its footprints towards mainstream operations.

Customizing through AI Mechanism

Technology has compelled businesses to shift their strategies to a more customer-centric model while encouraging the need for an ‘AI-first’ approach. The reasons for this are even transparent. With more data and effective technologies at our disposal, we can now modify the way business functions and deliver better experiences to meet the customer’s needs.  It’s nearly impossible to think about digital transformation without the practice of Artificial Intelligent as it offers scalable and highly-efficient ways to deliver on the promises the organizations claim. We need to delve deeper to discover the particular AI applications that will have a major influence on digital transformation.  Today almost everyone in the industry is aware of the benefits AI can bring; now the goal is to put it into practice within digital transformation strategies.

Augment Performance level by automating laborious tasks

It is essential to include feasible organizational frameworks as a part of the digital transformation for high productivity of resources and to use data and AI to foster a positive customer experience. AI technologies can analyze data at a length which is beyond our imagination, and they can even learn from the real-time response and adjust their functionalities accordingly. This can liberate individuals from mundane tasks and focus on the strategic aspects to produce better result oriented outputs.  Automation is all about enriching performance and AI can assist to perform these tasks successfully and in a more cost-efficient way, uncovering new insights in the process which we can develop to build better experiences for our clientele.  

Confiscate communication barrier in the organizational hierarchy

It is important to collaborate across functions to drive digital transformation efforts successfully within an organization. To bring such change, a new internal structure should be designed for each level of the organizational hierarchy to work together seamlessly, eliminating all barriers which are prone to disrupt the core business values. And here understanding the role of AI is prerogative in creating new models and unleash developments in the processes. 

AI and digital transformation go hand in hand complimenting their symbolic relationship in driving continuous innovation in the digital world. With AI-powered solutions and automation, several industry leaders are predicting future trends or risks and aligning their business strategies to become the key differentiators in their niche. 

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