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Clients Share their Experience With Us on Clutch Clients Share their Experience With Us on Clutch
Author Sun Dew Solutions
Date June 6th, 2017
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Clients Share their Experience With Us on Clutch

by Sun Dew Solutions

Businesses today rely heavily on their web presence to grow. As one of the most essential pieces of a business, websites and online presences must perform. At Sun Dew Solutions, we’re proud to support this crucial strategy for clients across 18 countries. We’ve delivered over 680 projects with a focus on communication, unmatched expertise, security, and teamwork. Some of these clients have spoken out about their work with us on Clutch.

Clutch is a ratings and reviews platform focused on business-to-business services. Their research examines thousands of companies across the development, IT, and marketing spaces worldwide. For each firm on the site, there is an intensive research process which examines over a dozen unique factors. Chief among these factors are the team’s conversations with clients. In interview-style phone calls, clients delve into the services offered, results of the engagement, and the project management of the firm.

The firm has evaluated Sun Dew Solutions Pvt. Ltd. on our ability to deliver results in web, e-commerce, and mobile applications development. We’re proud that some of our clients have taken the time to speak out about their experience with us. Here are some of the things they’ve had to say:

 "They know what they’re talking about, and they don’t make hollow promises,” said the managing partner of an insurance company. When asked about the impact of our CRM work, this partner continued:

 “On the CRM side, the metrics are far too many. We pretty much run our entire organization on the dashboard, so every key performance indicator is in there. I would say the broad metric is employee attrition, being accurate in our evaluations, which impacts our company culture and the front-facing customer experience when it comes to the turnaround time and quality of work. The biggest impact of the CRM is that I now have a dashboard allowing me to see where the entire organization is at any given point of time.”

This client also highlighted the contributions of our CEO Sarbajit Das to his project: “He understands delivery and understands how to break things down. He’s a taskmaster; he holds the client accountable as well as his employees. Their skill at project management is the reason they can work on many big projects at any given point of time, keep everyone on the same page, and deliver on what they promise.”

 Another client, with whom we will soon embark on a web development project, stated:

“Content nowadays is so critical, and I’ve realized that I need to get it more organized. Our current website has become unmanageable, so I’m hoping Sun Dew Solutions can bring it under control and clean it up.”

 When asked what was most impressive about Sun Dew Solutions, this client continued:

 “They try to create a product that stands apart from others. Sarbajit is always coming up with ideas and suggestions, which is so refreshing. We need the guidance he provides and he does a great job of it. He’s also brutally honest, and that’s one thing I really appreciate.”

To find out more about what clients have had to say about our work, take a closer look at our profile on Clutch.

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