Bespoke Mobile Application Development- How it will be beneficial in the Current Crisis Bespoke Mobile Application Development- How it will be beneficial in the Current Crisis
Author Sundew
Date August 13th, 2020
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Bespoke Mobile Application Development- How it will be beneficial in the Current Crisis

by Sundew

It is an unavoidable fact that the Covid-19 pandemic has turned every business upside down and we have to deal with the uncertainty and continuously struggle to exist at home, as part of our everyday life. In these trying times, if you want to turnaround your business and sustain in the post-pandemic period, you need more than what the traditional off-the-shelf software has to offer. Bespoke mobile application development can conclusively bring profit to the table even in this pandemic.

Why Bespoke Mobile Application Development?

Off-the-shelf mobile apps are curated for mass clients, which restricts the customization that your target audience may require. Whereas, bespoke applications fundamentally focus on the actual objectives of your business and also the prime necessity of your target audience in the present hour. We see quite a few interesting instances of changes to business logistics arising from the need of the hour and we would like to highlight a few of them here.

The epic rise of Grocery Mobile Apps

In the backdrop of the global crisis, when we are prompted to binge only on the essentials, the unprecedented rise in sales of the grocery companies is no surprise. Downloads rose by 216%, 160%, and 124% for the three top online grocery stores. The grocery delivery mobile apps have been hugely leveraged as the consumers can avail of this hassle-free mode from the safety of their home to get their essentials delivered at their doorstep during these harsh times.

A delivery-driven App in Perth allows the customers to get anything they want from nearby merchants at their doorstep in minutes. Once the customers enter their delivery address, this app asks them to search for any products from the nearby merchants around them. The delivery App screen shows an in-built menu from their partner merchants also! If they look for something else, they have all the freedom to quickly type out an order from any store using the custom order flow.  The enhanced UI of this app makes it hassle-free for the users with simplistic order, payment option, track order process, and live –chatting option.

Stay Fit & Healthy, Keep Moving: The emerging Health and Fitness Mobile Applications

The global digital health and fitness mobile applications are currently among the most proactive. With the significant growth in the percentage of COVID positive cases being registered every day, it’s getting difficult for medical practitioners to curb the situation. Healthcare mobile apps have seized this opportunity by notifying healthy advice and fitness tips to the people, saving them from getting infected by waiting long hours in the hospital premises.

The fitness app industry has also emerged with smart mobile apps to enable people to carry on the exercise regime from within the confinement of their homes. There has also been an increase in downloading mental health apps as there has been a significant increase in the number of people suffering from depression and other psychological disorders due to the side-effects of seclusion and stress-related with the uncertainty.

One of Canada’s largest health solution companies has redesigned and re-launched their mobile application which allows the users to access the health data, track their lab results, and manage personal health records. This App empowers the Canadian with a self-serve platform while establishing a strong leverage app analytics. This app provides patients with an easy-to-use experience with simplified navigation and updated UI.

A significant spike of the VOIP and Communication Mobile Apps

The most popular texting apps saw a spike of around 117-217%. In fact, there is an increase of 360% on daily traffic. Communication takes another turn leaving behind the only age-old text. Worldwide lockdown and remote working facilitate, requiring more video conferencing have resulted in a mammoth spike in installing video calling Apps for online classes, video conferences, and virtual assistance.

Productivity During Social Isolation-Driving factor behind developing Mobile Application now!

When the entire world is locked down at home, people are re-discovering their own selves and have started nurturing their old, suppressed hobbies. Some innovative mobile applications may come in handy to revitalize your spirit to pursue your hobbies like a pro!

There is also a meteoric rise in downloading of online language learning apps in iOS that lets you get a  grip on over more than 20 languages! During your social isolation, you can pick up some language of your choice with the help of a chatbot that engages you with interactive exercises and casual text conversations.

Wave off the long wait. Fix the bug instantly!

With off-the-shelf software, you have to wait for the organization to fix a blunder. When you pick a bespoke application, you can get the bug fix instantly just by reaching out to the mobile application developer of that software.

Be Aware of Cyber Crime: Custom Software for High-end Security

While ‘work from home’ mode is proving the fuel of most of the industries, organizations get worried about the security of their important data in the frameworks. To protect their significant data, organizations are looking for high-end security. Bespoke mobile application development services nullify cyber wrongdoings. As the custom software makes it complicated and risky for hackers to comprehend the intricate details of your framework, they stay away from assaulting your data.

Understand the niche audience- The pillar task of Mobile App Development

Chalk out the exact information your target audience looks for on your site putting on the shoes of your visitor’s persona. As a visitor, when you are landing on a furniture website, you must be expecting to view some images focusing on the real-time furniture which you can buy. Based on the exact requirements of your niche audience, this process works well in building a better user interface design with creative elements, useful images, and effective layouts.

Simple Interface: Keep in mind how visitors will use the Interface

People use apps and any website in two ways, the first, which directly interact with the product’s interface elements and the second, which indirectly interact with the external UI elements of the product. Examples are

  • Swiping a card
  • Tapping a button
  • Drag and drop an item with a touch

With more touch-based devices taking hold of the market every day, you need to think about how your target audience generally uses your interface. If your audience has limited manual dexterity, then you should avoid implementing the swiping option.

You never want to use alien icons that people will avoid clicking on. The design of mobile apps must be easy to understand and evoke a clear purpose. It is better to stick to certain common icons like the hamburger icon for the menu, bell icons that indicate notification, and cart icons for shopping. The customer, even if he is a layman must understand the meaning of all the elements you have used and feel comfortable navigating through the App.

We have highlighted various business scenarios requiring mobile app development and shared insights into the critical aspects of getting a bespoke mobile app. However, one size does not fit all and our bespoke mobile application development solutions are scalable that fit your visitors’ needs, especially during this crisis. 

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