6 UI Design Tips to Take Your Website to New Height 6 UI Design Tips to Take Your Website to New Height
Author Sundew
Date May 29th, 2020
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6 UI Design Tips to Take Your Website to New Height

by Sundew

One of the significant aspects of UI design is making the site clear and purposeful. You never want to use alien icons that people will avoid clicking on. The design must be easy to understand that evokes a clear purpose. 

It is better to stick to certain common icons like the hamburger icon for the menu, bell icons that indicate notification, and cart icons for shopping.

The people, even if he is a layman must understand the meaning of all the elements you have used to frame the UI design and feel comfortable navigating through the page.

Go for Simple and Consistent Page Structure

Consistency across all the pages of the particular website is a pivotal thing in UI designing. The users prefer to navigate through the similarly structured pages as it is less confusing. Building simple structure and retaining consistency is vital because the users do not want to find a completely different page set up every time they click for the next page.

This is especially applicable for the typography, and colours used on your site. Viewers will not appreciate the use of one font style and colour on the home page and a completely different style on another page on a website.

Besides, you also need to use a simple design structure so that the visitors do not need to rummage the site for information. The design must be simple enough to find information easily. As a result, it will reduce the bounce rate and drive better results in your site.              

Implement the UI Design that Anticipates Mistakes

People tend to commit mistakes when using your site. It is important to implement the UI design so these human mistakes can be easily avoided in the two ways:

  • Prevent human error
  • Fix the human error

Mistake-prevention techniques must be implemented on an e-commerce site.  

Users get irritated when they accidentally click the “Next” button before filling out all the required information or mistakenly leave some section unanswered. This erases most of the earlier information, and they have to start filling out the entire form all over again. 

You can avoid this irritating user experience with some elements that can prevent this kind of mistake. 

  • Inactive buttons to prompt the users to check the missed information
  • Pop-ups asking for confirmation of the user’s action
  • Notifications about unmatched passwords
  • Elements reminding the improper entry of the user’s email ID

You will provide a better user experience with these mistakes-anticipating UI design and eventually engages the users.

Choose Eye-catchy and Professional Layout

Enhance the visual aesthetics of the page. Besides choosing simple layouts, you must use captivating layouts to draw the visitor’s attention to the most important content of your website. You can implement great layouts through Visual hierarchy. It highlights the most important element and makes it the most noticeable on the page to catch the user’s eye.

Added to that, you need to keep an eagle eye on the space between the fonts and layouts while structuring the layout of your site. This will not only make your site look professional but also increase readability.

With the swift and well-structured layouts, users can scan and skim through the site with ease. Eventually, this creates a better user experience.

What are the other UI designing factors you think are important for your business? Share some of the tips with Sun Dew Solutions.

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