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6 Traits to look for when hiring a Software Developer 6 Traits to look for when hiring a Software Developer
Author Sun Dew Solutions
Date December 7th, 2018
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6 Traits to look for when hiring a Software Developer

by Sun Dew Solutions

Since last few years, the competition is fierce among the software developers, even when there is no dearth of jobs in the IT sector.  This is because of some key traits and qualities that differentiate a seasoned coder from an average one. 

Hiring the right developer is crucial for the success of a company as they are the backbone on which of the entire IT system functions. So when reviewing stacks of resumes, look for the wide variety of skill sets that the potential hires highlight and focus on programming languages they know and the projects they have worked on. This will give a rough idea about their abilities and proficiencies while doing the primary assessment.

Here are the six qualities to look for while hiring a software developer-

Look for people who can develop value - When hiring a developer, one should look for three attributes that have consistently outshined are self-direction, a focus on providing value to the business (not only from the technical perspective) and a great team player attitude.  Great programmers have the capability to make both masterful/ quick hacks and robust solutions to meet any business challenges whereas an amateur programmer often lacks the expertise to come up with problem-solving strategies.

Programming Power - The state of the art of programming is constantly evolving keeping the programmers on their toes. So someone who likes to work independently can pick up new technologies, techniques and best practices quickly to excel in their role and can become a true asset for the company and as well as for the team.

Hire the inventors who are passionate about technology - Hiring someone who understands the core concepts of programming and loves to experiment are the ones who stay updated with cutting-edge technology which is pertinent to a company’s development, innovation and success.

Value trustworthiness - This is something an employer needs to consider, with loyalty comes an enthusiasm to learn and get better over time. And from several studies, it is found that only loyal developers are more likely to stick around during hard times and step up when needed.

Craftsmanship - Great coders take pride in their craft. They get into the depth, while still aware that they need to deliver on time. Craftsmanship is all about the quality of the invention. There is a big difference between simply being skilled, and executing that skill with a vision and agility.

Adaptability - Developers who wish to be successful needs to be flexible and should readily accept changes to scale up their work. So while hiring them, analyze if they are willing to adopt changes or are they incompatible with this notion.

It isn’t always easy finding the right developers, but when one knows what to look for and to test for; they will increase the chance by 10x in building a perfect team!

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