5 Strategies to Create a Compelling E-book to Promote your Business 5 Strategies to Create a Compelling E-book to Promote your Business
Author Sundew
Date August 13th, 2020
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5 Strategies to Create a Compelling E-book to Promote your Business

by Sundew

Thinking of a magic stick to create a buzz around your brand, add numerous fresh names to your email list, and build a brand trust at one Go? Launch an e-book.

No salesy word! No pitches! Yet e-book has proved to be a winner for promoting your business without these hackneyed processes. The content of the e-book only needs to trigger the reading intention of your audience and prompt them to download it exchanging their details. Sounds interesting!

Have you thought why e-book is so powerful in marketing your business? That is because it does not appear as a marketing tool at all! The e-book provides valuable, relentless, and useful expertise in the form of content that reflects neither selling nor pitching. There lies the importance of e-book. The audience gets a ton of value in exchange for their name and email address. As a result, your email list will expand by leaps and bounds.


Besides boosting your email list, it has another advantage. It costs next to nothing! You only need valuable content and eye-catching design! Quite cool! So, let’s check out 5 ways to create a compelling e-book packed with super valuable content:

1. Find the right topic that your readers yearn for, Use apt Tone and Style

Before you start the e-book, you must have a clear idea about the topic. The step of foremost importance is topic research. The topic must be essential for your readers, not for your business.  With a suitable topic in mind, you need to adopt the right tone and style that resonates with your brand voice. Zeroing on the Suitable e-book Topic that your readers are keen to read

What are your readers eager to learn about? What kind of solution are they looking at to meet their problems? Study these essential areas to hit on a topic. How will you do this? Well, try the following three:

  • Social media hashtags: Search for your industry hashtags to find out what people are making a buzz about. Follow their comments; scrutinize their conversation to jot down what questions they have.
  • Industry Keywords in the content analysis tools: See the major topics that are marked as top shared posts. Skim through it and try to cement the knowledge gaps with your e-book content.
  • Take inspiration from your own blog post: Find out the most shared topic and which blogs have the most follow-up questions and comments.

A professional social media platform for B2B marketers, recruiters, and industry insight; in their e-book, Daily playbook for successful content marketing, points out six core concepts that their target audience needs to grasp and also explains how to strategically optimize every facet of your channel, the content to publish, the metrics to measure, and a few tips to boost engagement. It also leads their readers to the next steps to meet up their pursuit of driving more revenue via their platform.

Tone and Style of the E-book must be aligned to the communication style of your brand. One of the aims of your e-book is to represent your brand and create your brand identity. So, make sure the tone and style you adopt to write the e-book do not misinterpret your brand! Ensure you have studied the brand style guide, your blog posts, and other materials that showcase your communication style. A consistent style across all mediums is much appreciated by the followers. It must be noted that the purpose of the e-book is not about selling your services, and products, but to share valuable information with your reader.

2. Premium content is the heart and soul of the e-book, Make sure it is at its best

Premium not only means the richest quality, but it must also be exclusive and comprehensive as well.  While doing research about the e-book content, cross-check:

  • If you have used the content in your recent blog or not
  • Even if you mentioned the topic before in your blog and case studies, make sure the topic covered earlier was not exhaustive or done with profound analytical research

Digging deep to explore the valuable resources is the core process to cement the e-book with premium content. It builds trust among your readers that leads them to happily access these valuable guidelines and resources only in exchange for their email address and other details.

Brian Dean started offering “content upgrades” (premium content) through e-books in exchange for email address and name. In this way, he escalated his conversion rate from .52% to 4.85%. Major difference!

3. Great Design: Complement the valuable content with compelling E-book design

The e-book is a special lead magnet, so the entire package including the page layout, graphics, design, fonts, as well as branding needs to be pleasing to the eye. To be honest, we all judge most of the e-books by its cover first, so you need to go the extra mile!

  • Fonts: A correct typography choice can enhance the overall message of the e-book; make sure you maintain consistency in the typography throughout all your e-books.
  • Colors: You use in your e-book must align with your company’s style guide and also consistent with your company’s other marketing materials.
  • Page layout: It is another key component that helps your readers to consume the content crafted in the e-book. Use headers, subheaders, font-weight variation, and bullet points to help to break up intimidatingly long content sections and eventually enhance the readability.

Head-quartered both in London, and New York, a content marketing and designing agency, enhance their message with suitable layout, color choices, and typography in their e-book: B2B Marketing Manifesto.

4. Images and Illustrations: Justify your textual references

No doubt, images, and illustrations are essentials as well to place alongside the text in any e-book. The visuals can be charts, screenshots, infographics, graphs, and pictures that can support textual messages. Visuals are indeed important as the brain processes images 30,000 times faster than text. Hence, these visual elements will do justice to your valuable textual information, keep your readers engaged, illustrate graphical concepts and data that you have explained in your e-book.

A content Marketing Institute based in the United States has used visual elements to support their content on every page of their e-book -100 Content Marketing Examples. Added to that, they maintain a variation also throughout the e-book pages by using infographics, website screenshots, and author pictures.

A cloud POS software provider, in their e-book Retail Trends and Prediction, opted for more white-paper style assets to reflect their design element.  They use human pictures, real-life images, illustrations for personalized quotations to highlight each section. That’s great!

5.Call-to-Action space: Capture Leads and Encourage them to Download

So, you are done with researching, writing, and designing your e-book and it is ready to be offered to your readers as a complete package. Wait, wait! Your hard work can go in vain without offering call-to-action with your free e-book.

You need to take care of  a couple of things while offering the e-book for download

  • Need a form where your leads who want to download your e-book, can submit their details (name, company name, email). This is an effective way to capture the leads
  • Direct what to do with a call-to-action button and encourage them to download more

In the following example, the e-book template includes a lead capture form as well as two calls-to-actions: “Download our free 20+ page e-book” and “Get your free copy”. This particular e-book page also covers a preview of the e-book as a short description of what’s inside.

Now, do you feel that e-books can add that magic touch to your brand? Do you follow our mentioned strategies to create a cool e-book for your brand? Share your thoughts with us! And if these ideas inspire you to create e-book, feel free to have a word with us.

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