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Jet Boutique

Bringing Duty-Free Shopping Inflight

Wouldn’t it be great to have duty-free products delivered right to your seat when you are comfortably settled in your flight? With the aim of offering this convenience to the passengers, “Jet Airways”, one of India’s renowned Airline giants announced that they had redefined ‘Jet Boutique’  to provide an online classic, on-board shopping experience.

They chose Sun Dew Solutions as a Technology Partner to attain their objective of transforming duty-free shopping to an inflight shopping experience.


There were multiple challenges in the form of maintaining real-time traffic and sync with the database; handling allowance limitation of inflight and connecting flight sales;  inflight payment and reconciliation on flight landing. To add to that was complex business logic for product delivery, time adjustment, and on-board inventory planning in case of long and multi-city flights.

We brainstormed and ideated to visualize their objectives of offering an exclusive inflight shopping experience.


Duty-free in-flight solutions for Travel Retail | Sun Dew Solutions
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Tailor-made E-commerce Solution for a Trend-setting Inflight Shopping Experience

With the user-friendly e-commerce solution, passengers could now enjoy the luxury of shopping online for their favorite international lifestyle brands and get it delivered right to their seats.

The inflight duty-free shopping not only provided a novel experience to the travelers but also significantly boosted online revenue for the client.

Sun Dew was engaged with the transformation process from scratch to conceptualize, develop, and deliver the ultimate solution to turn the client's vision into reality.