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Eva Lobo London

Handcrafting a Platform to showcase world-class Craftsmanship

Eva Lobo London is a luxury accessories brand that designs and manufactures bespoke bags inspired by family heirlooms and a love of ancient artisanal techniques from Italy and India.

Sun Dew Solutions was approached to build a platform to showcase their masterpieces handcrafted by world-class artisans.


Creating a web presence for a brand that is fanatic about precision, quality, and uniqueness was quite challenging.

With a focus on every minute aspect, we envisaged an online eCommerce store for designer handbags and luxurious clutches to enable customers to browse through the products and purchase them online.



Bespoke e-commerce Solution for luxury handbags & clutches
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Unfurling the Artisanal Expertise in the Community

The online interface perfectly captured the client's timeless design with the use of modern technology and acted as the face of the brand to the community.

Sun Dew Solutions takes pride in successfully unrolling an exquisite brand like Eva Lobo, into the digital space with an aesthetically designed and handcrafted website, satisfying the client's precise expectations.