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Opening up unexplored vistas with travel website automation

Exploring unexplored natural avenues is a beautiful experience. But with multiple aspects to address, travel plans are prone to glitches. OurGuest curates customized offbeat tour packages for North Bengal, Sikkim, and North-Eastern India to create memorable experiences through travel convenience.

Sundew was entrusted with redesigning its website aesthetics and making it functionally self-serving by implementing easy workflows for booking, payment, etc., and linking the CRM to its Admin panel.


Complementing visual storytelling with hand-crafted digital experiences

Finalizing a travel itinerary requires extensive research. Booking places of stay, making online payments at multiple points, and many other critical factors need attention and action. Addressing multiple complex travel workflow automation using easy-to-use digital technology and integrating a secure payment gateway presented Sundew with its first set of challenges. Retaining the data from their previous website database was another area of concern. We also had to prioritize customer convenience, improve communication capabilities, and ensure business growth and continuity.

Website Development for Travel & Hospitality - Sundew
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Implementing automated website workflows for travel convenience

Sundew engineered a complete SMART, agile technology-enabled web application solution from scratch. We infused visually mesmerizing website graphics with high-quality integrated videos and augmented this with a comprehensive, scalable, and automated backend.

The result was a powerful blend of minimalistic yet stunning design aided by flexible functionality to ensure maximum utility. An easy-to-use interface enhanced customer satisfaction, while the stunning website graphics and content increased customer conversion, giving OurGuest a significant revenue boost.

Sundew continues to maintain and upgrade the website and its admin panel even today. With its creative technological brilliance, Team Sundew believes in making long-lasting and meaningful connections. OurGuest is an example of the beautiful bond we develop.