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Duty Free Shopping & Travel Retail is a rapidly growing industry as more people travelling abroad tend to buy from Airport Shops.
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    Omni Channel

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  • POS & ERP Integration

    POS & ERP Integration

  • POS & ERP Integration

    POS & ERP Integration

Travel Retail

We are closely working with Global Travel Retail Operators & Airlines to help them bring digitisation in online sales through Pre-Orders and other web & mobile based technology solutions.

We create systems that are
Flexible, Innovative & consistent.

Duty Free shopping is increasing everyday worldwide

At Sun Dew Solutions we have the domain knowledge about how a Duty Free Shop operates, which gives us added advantage to help our customers with accurate solutions. We seamlessly connect the online orders along with POS on a real time with the existing systems at place (e.g. Microsoft Nav, SAP etc).

  • Omni channel E-commerce

    As the Duty-Free market is expanding, Airports are innovating faster than ever. At Sun Dew Solutions, we provide highly innovative open source digital solutions to transform Duty Free businesses to offer most comprehensive e-commerce marketplace in the Travel Retail Industry. We make the solutions work!

    • Seamless shopping experience across all devices
    • Simplify solutions and focus on logical workflows
    • Deliver flexible & powerful e-commerce solutions
    • Scalable to any extent in terms of products and orders
  • Business Insights, Dashboards & Reporting

    Designing an effective reporting system is needed to support decision making. With the Duty-Free Market and Travel Retail Industry expanding rapidly you need your data to provide very accurate insights. We empower our systems with reports that ensures the following:

    • Identify management needs and expectations
    • Map key success factors
    • Align to organisational objectives
    • Provides value and impact for right decision making
    • Remove unnecessary & irrelevant information
  • Inflight Pre-Order Processing

    Duty-Free sales now, do not limit themselves to the Airport shop floors only. With more and more passengers flying across international destinations, the Airlines are deeply engaged into Inflight Duty Free operations either managed internally or in alliance with any Duty-Free Operators from the region. We have implemented Inflight Operations for Jet Airways in India in collaboration with Flemingo International.

    • We have the deep domain knowledge of the business model
    • Aware of all promotions and engagements needed
    • Most importantly we help to sync the data seamlessly to the ERP
    • Have knowledge about the CREW incentive processes
  • Allowance & Compliance

    Working in the Duty-Free and Travel Retail industry brings in the challenges for compliance to the customs and law of the land. Every country and location has its own operational laws and for getting that addressed its very much needed that the solution partners are aware of the business model and protocols in the place.

    Working with major Duty-Free Operators for their global locations, we know the business complexity and importance to above abide by the same. Our solutions are easily configurable and manageable in this regard. We take care of all check paints that we need to have in the place.

  • Seamless Integrations with ERP & CRM

    In Travel Retail business, all the operators that are operational are Enterprise organisations who have an ERP & CRM at place. The main reason we come into the picture is to help them automate certain business processes or making systems that give them customised outputs.

    Hence it is very important to understands the way the Business operates and being able to connect back to the established systems with data that comes as output from the solutions. We have core expertise in integrating tailor-made solutions with SAP, Microsoft Navision, Microsoft Dynamics, LS Retail, Sugar CRM and Sales Force through XML and web services.

  • Real-Time Data Sync

    With a busy Airport Shop Floor in Duty-Free sale it’s very important to have real time data sync with the operation POS and Inventory Management System. This further helps in managing the stocks at the shop floor as well as sales through Omni-channel ecommerce established for the operators.

    • We manage all sales through e-commerce channels
    • Update the POS and Inventory systems real-time through APIs and web services
    • Helps to build in predictive forecasting models for demand and supply
    • Manages promotions and offers seamlessly
  • On/Offline Payment Integeration

    With a wide variety of product ranges of Duty-Free sales that includes liquor and tobacco products along with other product ranges, there is a challenge in implementing online payments. This depends on the law of land and also sales of tobacco online are not permissible.

    We build our systems for both COD (Cash on Delivery) and online payment models. This facilitates both the operators and the customers use convenient channels for payments.

Our Solutions are DOMAIN FOCUSED for Travel Retail Operators

By implementing solutions for our existing Global Customers in the travel retail domain, we have hands on experience of designing & developing system architectures that suits the needs of the Buisnesses. Our solutions are bespoke in nature & have the following merits.

Duty Free Shopping

We always focus on delivering Top Notch user experience design

Experience our implementation which are not only having rich features and great user experience, but are also delivering organised reports & deeper business insights that helps our customers grow.

  • Mumbai Duty Free
  • Jet Boutique
  • Go Duty Free
  • Flemingo International
  • Flemingo Reserve
  • Proxy
  • Duty Free Buzz

Why Should you work with us?
We always focus on delivering Solutions that helps you grow!

Our implementations are not only having rich features and great user experience, but are also delivering organised reports & deeper business insights that helps our customers grow.

Inflight Solutions

At Sun Dew we have the resources and expertise to maximize your retail operations and ancillary revenue resulting in an enhanced passenger experience. We provide tailor made flexible and innovative solutions specific to your business requirement unlike an "off the shelf" product.

  • Fully integrated turnkey operation resulting in industry-leading on board sales figures
  • Complicated processes like Inventory and Trolley Management made simple and easy for ease of business
  • High level analytics along with logistics, administration and performance management
Inflight Solutions

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