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Our core skills and competency is to deliver and drive enterprise level softwares / applications customised and tailor-made as per the requirements of the customers. We ensure productivity, scalability, data organisation, reporting, process automation & mapping along with deeper insights that drive performance.

consultative approach

Technical Expertise & Core Competencies

Technical Expertise

Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP

LAMP Stack Developments

  • Laravelframework based developments
  • Symfony2framework based developments
  • Cake PHPbased developments

Other Frameworks/Platforms

  • Drupalbased developments
  • Magentobased developments
  • Wordpressbased developments

Creating innovative digital solutions using sophisticated
design and proven engineering!

  • Scope Study & Process Mapping

    Since 2007, our consultative approach has unlocked the potential of 100's of businesses globally. We do deep dive analysis of the requirements and engage in multiple sessions of discussions with our customers helping them to:

    • Identify opportunities for improvement
    • Establish shared knowledgebase
    • Simplify solutions and focus on logical workflows
    • Implement processes to measure KPIs
  • Adopting Mobile Strategy for Enterprises

    We must understand Enterprise Mobile Strategy is not restricted to building mobile apps. It depends on leveraging the convergence of mobile, social, IoT, cloud and analytics to build solutions that drive efficiency. We help by:

    • Improving user experience
    • Optimising response time and speed
    • Developing user driven systems
    • Implementing security protocols that support multiple devices
    • Making the solutions scalable and robust
  • Implementing Security & Compliance

    At Sun Dew Solutions, we have been working across a multiple industry verticals ranging from Retail, Travel Retail, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media, Automobile, Construction etc. This has given us the opportunity to learn, adapt and implement security and compliance related functionalities seamlessly into our applications.

    • We implement complete role driven access controls
    • Authenticate users based on security tokens
    • Develop applications based on MVC approach
    • Store audit logs for future reference
    • Install and deploy required firewalls
  • Seamless Integrations with ERP & CRM

    We mainly work with Enterprise organisations who have an ERP & CRM at place. The main reason we come into the picture is to help them automate certain business processes or making systems that give them customised outputs.

    Hence it is very important to understands the way the Business operates and being able to connect back to the established systems with data that comes as output from the solutions. We have core expertise in integrating tailor-made solutions with SAP, Microsoft Navision, Microsoft Dynamics, LS Retail, Sugar CRM and Sales Force through XML and web services.

  • Designing & Developing Reporting Systems

    Designing an effective reporting system is needed to support decision making. In today’s world, everything is measured by performance. We empower our systems with reports that ensures the following:

    • identify management needs and expectations
    • map key success factors
    • align to organisational objectives
    • provides value and impact for right decision making
    • remove unnecessary & irrelevant information
  • Graphical Dashboards

    The three key factors that are influenced by graphical dashboards are Strategy, Planning and Analytics. We understand the importance of data and driving information out of that which helps in key decision making.

    Most of the dashboards offer analytical capabilities. These are largely used in scenarios where real-time insight generation is imperative. It helps the users to drive insights without unnecessarily plugging data into secondary interfaces.

We build applications that serves your unique business processes & solves specific problems.

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