e-Commerce Portal

e-Commerce Portal

Sun Dew Excellence 10years
So, are you happy to have finally started your dream business?
Wish to enhance your brand value and acquire a faster ROI?
But, things can get a little difficult if you do not know how to go about it...

The Start-Up Dream ...

Let’s take an example. A girl in her late 20s had a dream of becoming a successful fashion designer since childhood. With a little funding from her family, she finally starts a small designer boutique in her locality. Initially, she gets a few buyers, mostly her friends and friends of friends. But, soon she realises that this is not enough.


Not able to reach her sales goals.

Not getting any new customers/clients.

Not able to cope with the fierce competition.

Not getting paid by the buyers on time.


While starting her business, she had thought about going online. But, being the sole designer boutique in her locality, she thought that her collections will get more customers easily. However, what she missed out is that her city is overflowing with several of such boutiques in every nook and corner. And, as a businesswoman, she now needs to go that extra mile to achieve success. But, the question is, how?

Market Analysis

85% of people aged between 18-49 use multiple mobile devices at the same time.

61% of businesses which are engaged in social selling experience a positive impact on their revenue growth.

Companies worldwide are experiencing a growth in sales by going online with a website or an app as it lets a business sell 24 hours.

By 2019, mobile selling and advertising will represent almost 72% of all U.S. digital ad spending.

Business Planning

She, taking into consideration each and every aspect mentioned above, gets in touch with an e-commerce solution provider. A few meetings, some exchange of thoughts and a lot of brainstorming resulted into a magnificent sales growth in her boutique.

Success Story

Within the first 6 months of going online, she witnesses an unprecedented growth in her sales. She gets many new customers and also receives orders 24*7. Product delivery becomes easy, she gets her payment on time and most importantly, she now has a lot of time to think about new concepts and designs regarding her clothing-line!

A Bespoke e-commerce Website is All You Need!

With Sun Dew Solutions by your side, you can enjoy several benefits regarding your business, like her.

Our managed team of experts are solely dedicated towards making your brand go global. With proper training and a humane touch, we complete each of our projects with unparalleled commitment and sincerity. And this, in turn, lets you experience growth in every sense, regarding your business.

So, to be online or not to be online?

Get Spotted

Internet technology lets you get known. People get to know you through your brand and you acquire more customers being online.

Enjoy Cost Efficiency

When billing, supply chain management, procurement, shipping, etc. happens online, there’s no need to keep staffs for each.

Acquire Global Presence 24*7

By going online, you go global! Everyone knows your brand, talks about you and you get orders 24*7, even when you sleep!

Get High on Profits

Online shopping is all about flexibility and comfort for the buyers and hence, you experience profits with growth in sales.

Stay Ahead of Competition

If your competitors aren’t on the web yet, you get to stay ahead of them by getting online and make your brand gain fame.

Be In Touch With Customers

Customer interaction is imperative and the web, through customer feedbacks, reviews, and comments, lets you be in touch with them day and night.

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