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Mobile Applications

We build enterprise mobile applications in Android and iOS

Future-Ready Mobile Application Services

Reimagine your application landscape, with innovation-led Android & iOS development

At Sundew, we do full-cycle development of mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms. Our solutions have a robust, scalable, and secured administrative module that delivers functional excellence.

We help you to build powerful mobile apps, taking advantage of native APIs and OS-specific SDKs. Most enterprise apps, especially those requiring substantial API traffic, benefit from native development.

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User-Specific Data Management
Data Management

Manage user-specific data for your web and mobile apps by adding authentication, securing backends, and integrating APIs.

Push Notification Management
Push Notification

Manage and send your web & mobile push notifications using an instinctive user interface, SDKs, & uncomplicated APIs.

App Configuration & Services
App Configuration
& Services

Use our application configuration services to manage application settings centrally and feature flags.

Scalable API Platform for Apps
Scalable API Platform
for Apps

Create, manage, and monetize APIs across clouds. Use our fully managed services for fast-growing web and mobile apps.

Mobile Apps

The secret of all successful mobile apps is the attention to details. The process is never totally "done".

We deliver an engaging experience that plays a role in the relationships you have with your customers.

With our flutter team
With our Flutter Team

Flutter is an open-source framework by Google for building scalable, natively compiled, multi-platform apps from a single codebase.

We build production-quality cross-platform apps at Sundew and deploy them to multiple devices. Our dedicated flutter team compiles stable and reliable apps that elevate your online presence exponentially.

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With our native team
With our Native Team

Mobile app development is rapidly growing across retail, travel & hospitality, telecommunications, e-commerce, insurance, healthcare, and government organizations to meet user expectations for real-time, convenient ways to conduct transactions and access information.

Our dedicated native app development team helps you to build powerful mobile apps, taking advantage of native APIs and OS-specific SDKs.

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